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Labour Migration from Central Asia to Russia in the Context of the Economic Crisis

-Sergey Ryazantsev - Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Center of Social Demography and Economic Sociology at the Institute of Socio-Political Research RAS, Professor of the Department of Applied International Analysis at Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Moscow, August 2016 (In English)


Kyrgyz Republic's accession to the Eurasian Economic Union: it's impact on migration processes

Working paper of The Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and National Institute for Strategic Studies KR,  Moscow 2015       (In Russian) 

- V.S. Malakhov, Е.B. Demintseva, А.B. Elebaeva, А.D. Musabaeva


Labor Migration in the Eurasian Union


PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo No. 378,  Nazarbayev University, August 2015 (In English) 

Caress Schenk


Diaspora – Partner in the Development of Tajikistan.

International Organization for Migration. - Dushanbe, 2015, p. 131. (in English)

V.I. Mukomel


Migrants, migrant-phobia and migration policy 

Moscow Bureau for Human Rights, Academia, Moscow, 2014, (in Russian)

- edited by V.I. Mukomel.


Migration Facts and Trends: South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia

International Organization for Migration, May 2015, (in English)


Women’s Labour Migration from Asia and the Pacific: Opportunities and Challenges

 International Organization for Migration, Migration Policy Institute, March 2015, (in English)

 - Bandita Sijapati


Compendium of International Legal Instruments on Human Migration

Notre Dame Law School, Program on Law and Human Development, March 2012, (in English)

- prepared by Karl (Eddie) Fornell


Unified Report on Migration in the Kyrgyz Republic

Ministry of Labour, Migration and Youth, Bishkek 2014, (in Russian)


Transfer behavior in migrant sending communities

Journal of Comparative Economics   

- Tanika Chakrabotry, Bakhrom Mirkasimov and Susan Steiner


Migration without borders

Essays on the free movement of people, UNESCO Publishing, 2007, (in English)

 - Edited by Antoine Pecoud and Paul de Guchteneire


Analysing the Business Model of Trafficking in Human Beings to Better Prevent the Crime

Office of the Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, 2011,

(in English)

- Alexis Aronowitz, Gerda Theuermann and Elena Tyurykanova


SWOT-analysis of Kyrgyz Republic's entering/not joining the Customs Union: economic, social and security dimensions,

Report,  National Institute for Strategic Studies Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek 2014,

 (in Russian)


Development of Kyrgyz Republic Migration Policy Concept ,

Report, National Institute for Strategic Studies Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek 2013,

(in Russian)

 - Mamyrkanov М.А.

 - Elebaeva А.Б.


Mainstreaming Migration into Development Planning,

A handbook for policy-makers and practitioners, 2010 (in English)  

- Global Migration Group, IOM


Extended Migration Profile of the Kyrgyz Republic,

IOM, 2012, Bishkek, (in English)

- Olga Chudinovskih, Talaibek Kydyrov, Ahmat Madeyuyev and Marina Manke


 Tajik Migrants with Re-entry Bans to the Russian Federation,

IOM, 2014, (in English)



Linkages between labour emigration to Russia and early marriage and divorce in the Central Asian Countries, 

Migration Research Center - UN Women, Moscow, 2013, (in Russian)

Dmitry Poletaev


Labor Migration for Development: Best Practices in Asia and the Pacific,

Bangkok, ILO, 2009, p 55.,  Working paper No 17 (in English)

 - Graeme Hugo


Simplifying the propiska: Realising the benefits of Internal migration.

Bishkek, 2013 (Research results)

 -  Craig Hatcher and Asylgul Balybaeva 


 Impact of labor migration on lifestyle and behavior of population.

(Research results), Center for Sociological Research, Tajik Republic, 2012

(in Russian),

- Saidov F.S.


The importnace of Migration and Remittances for Countries of Europe and Central Asia,

MIRPAL, WB, 2012, (in English)

Sudharshan Canagarajah


The report on the evaluation of the prospects of creating population register

OSCE, 2012

(in Russian)

- OSCE, Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights


Analysis of Migration Legislation in Kyrgyzstan., 

ACTED-OSCE, 2012 (in Russian)



Open Borders, Closed Minds Russia’s Changing Migration Policies: Liberalization or Xenophobia? 

Policy analysis, April 2010, Academic Journal, Demokratizatsiya; Vol. 18 Issue 2, p101, (in English)

- Caress Schenk


Approaches to Development of Migration Policy in Central Asia and Europe

(Comparative analysis on the examples of the Kyrgyz Republic and Poland), UNDEF - PASOS, 2012 (in English)

- Ainura Umetova


Population Displacement, Relocation, and Migration, chapter in The Law of Adaptation to Climate Change: United States and International Aspects,

ed. by Michael B. Gerrard and Katrina Fischer Kuh, American Bar Association, 2012 (in English)

- Michelle Leighton


Irregular Labor Migration from Central Asia to the United States,

Central Asian Studies Review, V 4 No 1, 2004 (in English)

Saltanat Sulaimanova


Students Research Project: Discrimination of Internal Migrants in Bishkek,

SRC AUCA, 2008 (in English)

- Emil Nasritdinov and AUCA Student Research Team


Environmental Migration: case of Kyrgyzstan,

UNU-EHS, 2008 (in English)

-  Emil Nasritdinov, Mehrigul Ablezova, Jypara Abakirova and Aigoul Abdoubaetova


Migration Trends in Central Asia and the Case of Trafficking of Women,

in the Tracks of Tamerlane: Central Asia’s Path to the 21st Century, Dan Burghart and Theresa Sabonis-Helf (eds.), Washington, DC.: NDU, 2004 (in English)

- Saltanat Sulaimanova


Lack of Education Today - Unemployment Tomorrow,

SRC AUCA - OSI, 2011 (in English)
- Kyzsaikal Isakova, Rysgul Nazarbekova, Medet Tiulegenov


Forms of Exclusion and Inclusion Experienced by Homeless People Living in Bishkek,

SRC AUCA - OSI, 2011 (in English)
- Diana Asanalieva, Aikokul Arzieva, Aimeerim Tursalieva, Ainagul Takanbekova and Russell Kleinbach


Analytical Review: Access of Labor Migrants from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in Russia to Pension Accumulation System,

SRC AUCA - OSI, 2011 (in English)

-  Emil Nasritdinov, Andrei Krasnikov, Khodjamahmad Umarov, Bakhodir Umurzakov, Farruh Irnazarov


Discrimination Against Internal Migrants in Kyrgyzstan:  Analysis and Recommendations,

SRC AUCA - OSI, 2009 (in English)

- Ulugbek Azimov, Taalaibek Azimov


The Impact of Migration on Elderly People. Grandparent-headed households in Kyrgyzstan,

SRC AUCA - HelpAge International, 2008 (in English)

Mehrigiul Ablezova, Emil Nasritdinov, Ruslan Rakhimov


Generation at Risk? Child Poverty in Kyrgyzstan,

AUCA, 2005 (in Russian)

- M. Ablezova, et al.


Conditions and State of Social Rehabilitation of Labor Migrants-Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic Following Their Return to Homeland,

AUCA, 2007 (in English)

- T. Turgunbaev, G. Botoeva, M. Ablezova, and N. Tynaev


Remittances and the Macroeconomic Impact of the Global Economic Crisis in the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan,

China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly, Volume 8, No. 4, 2010 (in English)

- Martin Brownbridge and Sudharshan Canagarajah


Economic Migration in Post-Soviet Central Asia: The Case of Kyrgyzstan,

Post-Communist Economies, Vol. 11, No. 2, 1999 (in English)

- Rafis Abazov


Exploring sexual risks of Central Asian female migrants in Moscow,

Demographic Weekly, № 465 - 466, 2011 (in Russian)

- Victor Agadjanian and Natalya Zotova


Tajikistan Policy Note - Enhancing the Development Impact of Remittances,

Report No. 35771-TJ, World Bank, 2006 (in English)
- Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit
  Europe and Central Asia


Black Work, Green Money: Remittances, Ritual, and Domestic Economies in Southern Kyrgyzstan,

Slavic Review, Vol. 71, No.1, pp. 108-134, 2012 (in English)

- Madeleine Reeves


Introduction: Contested trajectories and a dynamic approach to place,

2011 (in English)

- Madeleine Reeves


Staying put? Towards a relational politics of mobility at a time of migration,

2011 (in English)

- Madeleine Reeves


What does it take ‘to migrate’? - Uyghur perspectives from Kyrgyzstan, S

RC AUCA, 2009 (in English)
- Lars Hojer


International Labor Migration from Rural Communities and Its Impact on the Development in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan,

SRC AUCA (in English)
- Kursad Aslan


Impact of Land Distribution on Internal Migration in Kyrgyzstan,

SRC AUCA (in English)
- Ruslan Rahimov 


Regional integration and freedom of movement of workers in Central Asia,

SRC AUCA (in English)
- Lilia Ormonbekova


Freedom of Movement and Labour Migration in the Commonwealth of Independent States Comparative Brief on CIS and EU Legislation,

SRC AUCA (in English)
- Lilia Ormonbekova


Policy Briefs: Where to return to? Rural urban interlinkages in times of internal and international
labour migration

SRC AUCA (in English)
- Susan Thieme


Labor Migration: The Potential for Development in Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan,

SRC AUCA (in English)
- Kursad Aslan 


Policy Brief: Analysis of Violations of Migrant Workers’ Rights in the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic,

SRC AUCA (in English)

- Nurdin Tynaev


Lecture Summary: Internal Migrants' Rights Protection in Kyrgyzstan: State of Affairs,

SRC AUCA, 2009 (in Russian)
- Tursunbek Akun


Policy Brief: The Policy of Exporting the Labor Force: Challenges for Kyrgyzstan,

SRC AUCA (in English)
- Anar Musabaeva


Lecture Summary: External and Internal Migration Processes in Kyrgyzstan: Recent Trends?,

SRC AUCA, 2007 (in English)
- Bermet Moldobaeva


Lecture Summary: Migration in the Kyrgyz Republic: Current Situation and Challenges,

SRC AUCA, 2008 (in English)
- Sergei Masaulov


Lecture Summary: Political Changes and Return Migration to Europe from Across the Former Soviet Space - Return Migration of Ethnic Germans from the Post-Soviet Space,

SRC AUCA, 2008 (in English)
- Benedicte Michalon


Reconstruction of the Soviet Diaspora: Analysis of the Jewish Immigration from the Former USSR in Israel (in English)
- William Berthomière


Making citizens legible: legacies of population registration systems in post-socialist cities,

SRC AUCA, 2011 (in English)
- Craig Hatcher


Student mobility, experiences of return and employment in Kyrgyzstan,

SRC AUCA, 2011 (in English)
- Susan Thieme


Migration, Development, and the ‘Toi Economy’: cultural integration of remittances in Northern Kyrgyzstan,

SRC AUCA, 2010 (in English)
- Igor Rubinov 


Tajik Labor Migrants and Their Remittances: Is Tajik Migration Pro-Poor?,

Post-Communist Economies, Vol. 24, No. 1, pp. 87-109, 2012 (in English)
- Kazuhiro Kumo

Sociology, Economics and Politics of Central Asian Migrants in Russia,

HIER - IER, Hitotsubashi University, 2011 (in English)
- Kazuhiro Kumo


ILO Evaluation Summaries: Regulating Labour Migration as an Instrument of Development and Regional Cooperation in Central Asia,

ILO International Migration Programme - EUROPE, 2008 (in English)
- Anna Lucia Colleo, Blanka Hancilova


Employment of Migrant Workers in the Informal Economy in Kazakhstan - A study of Southern Kazakhstan,

CIOM - ILO SRO Moscow; ILO, 2009 (in English)
- G. T. Alimbekova,  A. A. Shabdenova and Nilim Baruah


Coming Home? Patterns and Characteristics of Return Migration in Kyrgyzstan,

IOM, 2011 (in English)
- Susan Thieme


Harnessing the Diaspora for Development in Europe and Central Asia - Migration and Remittances Peer Assisted Learning (MIRPAL),

The World Bank - Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit Europe and Central Asia Region, 2011 (in English)
- Timothy Heleniak


Presentation: Harnessing the Diaspora for Development in the Europe and Central Asia Region (

Background Paper, see above), 2011 (in English)
- Timothy Heleniak


Marriage, childbearing, and migration in Kyrgyzstan: Exploring interdependences,

Demographic Research, Volume 22, Article 7, pp. 159-188, 2010 (in English)
- Lesia Nedoluzhko, Victor Agadjanian


Migration and first-time parenthood: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan,

Demographic Research, Volume 17, Article 25, pp. 741-774, 2007 (in English)
- Lesia Nedoluzhko, Gunnar Andersson

Marriage formation as a process intermediary between migration and childbearing

Demographic Research, Volume 18, Article 21, pp. 611-628, 2008 (in English)
- Jan M. Hoem, Lesia Nedoluzhko


Kazakhstan/ Kyrgyzstan: Exploitation of migrant workers, protection denied to asylum seekers and refugees,

FIDH, N°530a, 2009 (in English)


Kazakhstan/ Kyrgyzstan: Exploitation of migrant workers, protection denied to asylum seekers and refugees,

FIDH, 2009 (in English)


Tajikistan: Exporting the Workforce –At What Price? Tajik Migrant Workers Need Increased Protection,

FIDH, Anti-Discrimination Centre MEMORIAL, N° 571a, 2011 (in English)
- Stephania Kulaeva

Human Rights in Russia: continuing violations and new concerns

FIDH,  2012 (in English)


Discrimination in the Enjoyment of Social and Economic Rights by Ethnic Minorities and Migrants in Russia,

Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), OSI (open Society Institute), FIDH (International Federation for Human Rights), 2010 (in English)
- Anti-Discrimination Centre MEMORIAL, FIDH


Kazakhstan: No extradition for asylum seekers in Uzbekistan! The UNHCR and the OSCE must remind Kazakhstan of its obligations,

FIDH, 2010 (in English)


Kazakhstan: economic, social and cultural rights of migrant workers, asylum seekers and refugees,

FIDH, 2010 (in English)


Kazakhstan/ UPR: Key recommendations concerning the rights of migrant workers, refugees and asylum seekers,

FIDH, 2010 (in English)


“Action”: Publishing Research Results in Film,

FQS – Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 13(1), Art. 31, 2012 (in English)
- Susan Thieme


Natural Resource Institutions in Transformation: The Tragedy and Glory of the Private,

Global Change and Sustainable Development: A Synthesis of Regional Experiences from Research Partnerships, Perspectives of the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) North-South, University of Bern, Vol. 5. , pp. 255–269, 2010 (in English)
- Christine Bichsel, Gilbert Fokou, Asel Ibraimova, Ulan Kasymov, Bernd Steimann, and Susan Thieme


Migration and animal husbandry: Competing or complementary livelihood strategies.Evidence from Kyrgyzstan,

Natural Resources Forum 34, pp. 211-221, 2010 (in English)
- Nadia Schoch, Bernd Steimann and Susan Thieme


Living in Transition: How Kyrgyz Women Juggle Their Different Roles in a Multi-local Setting,

Gender, Technology and Development 12 (3), pp. 325-345, 2008 (in English)
- Susan Thieme


Sustaining Livelihoods in Multi-local Settings: Possible Theoretical Linkages Between Transnational Migration and Livelihood Studies,

Mobilities, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 51–71, 2008 (in English)
- Susan Thieme

Coping on Women’s Backs- Social Capital–Vulnerability Links through a Gender Lens,

Current Sociology, Vol. 58(5): 715–737, 2010 (in English)
- Susan Thieme, Karin Astrid Siegmann


Making Migration Safer. Research Evidence for Policy No. 2,

NCCR North-South, 2009 (in English)
- Susan Thieme, Anita Bhattarai and Ganesh Gurung


Eager to Leave? Intentions to Migrate Abroad among Young People in Kyrgyzstan,

IMR, Volume 42 Number 3, pp. 620–651, 2008 (in English)
- Victor Agadjanian, Lesia Nedoluzhko, Gennady Kumskov


Labor Migration in Central Asia - Challenges and Opportunities - Report on the Forum for Sustainable Development of Central Asian Mountain Regions,

CAMP Central Asian Mountain Partnership - consulting kuhiston alatoo & AGOCA, 2009 (in English)
- CAMP Kuhiston 


Migration Patterns of the Population in Kyrgyzstan,

Espace. Populations. Sociétés. Les populations d’Asie centrale., pp. 73-89, 2007 (in English)
- Martin Schuler


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