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Anastasia Rukavichnikova



A quality education and the opportunities that come with the International and Business Law Department are not all that a Master's student gets.

Anastasia Rukavichnikova


Greetings! Tell us about yourself. Why did you decide to study at AUCA?

My name is Anastasia Rukavichnikova. My experience in law is about 20 years, mostly in the corporate, financial, and investment fields of law. If answer the question of why I decided to enter the AUCA Master's program, I should say that there were several reasons for that.

First of all, it is my desire for self-development. To be a competitive professional, you need to constantly learn and develop in the area you have chosen.  In order to be in demand as a professional, it is important to keep up with the times.  My desire for self-education motivated me to enter the Master’s program. Then, two years ago, I decided that the AUCA LL.M. program is a great opportunity to realize my goals. Having graduated from the Master's program, I can say that my expectations have been fully met.

In addition, when I entered, the opportunity to improve my knowledge of academic English was most appealing since the program is taught in English. For two years all lectures, home assignments, and literature were in English. All graduates of the program have significantly improved their foreign language skills. We wrote and defended our senior thesis in English, although it seemed incredible at the beginning of our studies.


What did you enjoy about studying at AUCA?

First of all, for me, it was a completely new approach to obtaining knowledge. The carefully developed teaching methods, the way the material is presented produce effective results. The education system is built in such a way that students are constantly involved in the learning process: group work, preparation of presentations, guest lectures by practitioners, and many other methods enable the students to master the program materials quite easily.

It should be noted that the AUCA takes into account the opinion of each student and master's student, and provides an opportunity for each student to speak out. I think that the ability to express your opinion and defend your viewpoint is important, especially for lawyers.

The university's faculty is very strong. Besides local professors, AUCA actively cooperates with foreign institutions of higher education by inviting foreign professors and practitioners to deliver lectures, who share their knowledge of European and American law with the students, pass on their invaluable experience and make the classes lively and interesting.

The lectures are backed up by the extensive information resources provided by the university library. The university has subscriptions with many foreign sources, which give students ample opportunity to study literature and research by foreign authors. 

AUCA students have the opportunity to participate in international programs and competitions. Examples include exchange programs at universities in the United States or participation in "moot court" where students have the opportunity to compete against students from other universities and meet judges and practicing lawyers. In December 2019, a team of AUCA students took part in an international competition on dispute resolution in the EAEC, and out of 22 teams took a respectable 4th place. I participated in this competition. It was a useful experience for me to develop my public speaking skills, teamwork, and, of course, to deepen my knowledge of international law.

AUCA provides various programs through which students can complete their master's degree at American and European universities and, upon graduation, obtain a state diploma and a diploma from a foreign university, which, in my opinion, is also an advantage for graduate students in the labor market.

Quality education and the opportunities that come with the International and Business Law Department are not all that a Master's student gets. When a student comes to AUCA, he or she joins a big friendly family.  The atmosphere at AUCA is very positive and warm. All the professors are open to meetings and discussions and the grouping of students from different courses and faculties makes them feel very close to one another. During the two years of studying, I made a lot of friends and met a lot of interesting people. I did not want to leave my alma mater at all after passing all my exams.


Would you recommend an AUCA Master’s program based on your academic performance?

From my experience and education, I would definitely recommend applying to AUCA Master’s program. You can do it after graduating from any university based on an undergraduate program. After graduating from AUCA's Master’s program, you will have many new opportunities for further study and career growth.


What would you advise to those entering the Master's program?

I've met people who find it very difficult to enter the AUCA Master’s program. That's why they don't even dare to do it. I will tell you that the sky is the limit, the most important thing is desire and effort. The experience and the knowledge you gain, the friends you make will stay with you forever! And finally, I want to wish you good luck and tell you that I’m a little envious because you have two unforgettable years ahead of you at the American University of Central Asia's Master's Program!



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