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Visiting Scholars


Dr. ZRINKA ŠTIMAC, Transnational Discourses on Education – Focus on Religion

March - May, 2020

PAULA MINKKINENRussian Development Aid in Kyrgyzstan

July - August, 2019

ELISABETH MILITZ, Becoming a virgin: Intimate geographies of global body politics

May - July, 2019


April - June, 2019

GIULIA BAIUTTIThe Silk Road Economic Belt Initiative in the Ferghana Valley: a source of future cohesion?

March - April, 2019

MOIRA O'SHEA, Amidst Manas, Aitmatov, and Lenin: Nationalism and Belonging in Kyrgyzstan

February - August, 2019


September, 2017 - June, 2019

CHRIS COWANState and Societal Responses to Narcotics Trafficking in the Kyrgyz Republic

June 20 - August 3, 2018


June 14 - August 10, 2018 

JULIEN BRULEYManas, a Twofold Tradition

February - September, 2018

MATTHEW DERRICK, PhDNew Religious Landscapes of Kyrgyzstan

September - June, 2018

TOBY COXA Story on Religious Identity and Islamic Trends in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan

September - June, 2018

MOIRA O'SHEAMemory, Monuments, and the Nation: Production and Perception of Public Art in an Age of Nation-Building in Post-Soviet Bishkek

January, 2017 - November, 2017

KONSTANTIN ASH, PhDIdentity Salience, Political Involvement and Cross-Cutting Cooperation in Kyrgyzstan

May-August, 2017

PAULINA PIJACKA, Taking it to the streets: Mass mobilization and protest in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan (2010-2016)

May - August, 2017

NATALIA ZOTOVAWomen’s insecurities in the context of male migration: mental health outcomes and risks

May - June, 2017

MISOOK CHOIThe Political Economy of EEU and the Impact on Socio-economic Transition in Kyrgyzstan

March, 2015 - June, 2017

KUBANYCHBEK ZHAPAROVThe potential contribution of the small hydro power industry to the electricity generation in Kyrgyzstan: Socio-technical, policy, economic and business considerations

July, 2016 - February, 2017

CHRISTOPHER WEEDRegional Perceptions of Kyrgyzstan's Democratic Reforms in Reinforcing and Legitimizing Neighboring Authoritarian Regimes

June - July, 2016

OTTAVIA CIMARemembering collective agriculture in Northern Kyrgyzstan

March - September, 2016

JASON STRAKESCentral Asian States in the ECO-ASEAN Interface: Capacity Borrowing, China Hedging and Cross-Regional Diplomacy

May - July, 2016

AXAMAL ISSALIYEVAThe Rebublic of Kazakhstan and Gulf Cooperation Countries: dynamic, problems and perspectives of cooperation

March - April, 2016

PETER KRASNOPOLSKYMajor Powers and Regionalism in the post-Soviet Central Asia

January 21 - February 17, 2016

CAITLIN RYANThe Production of Space in Osh, Kyrgyzstan: Geographies of Urban Development and Change

September, 2015 - June, 2016

RAISA BELYAVINATeachers as reform changers: How senior teachers in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan impact education reforms

October, 2015 - December, 2015

ETHAN WILENSKY-LANFORDEvaluating Development: Desires and Outcomes of Civil Society Projects in Kyrgyzstan

September, 2015 - August, 2016

DUSTIN GAMZADoes Religious Regulation Work? Religio-National Identity and Government Regulation in the Post-Soviet Space

September, 2015 - December, 2015

PHILIPP LOTTHOLZ,  Statebuilding in Central Asia – Moving towards a post-Liberal Model? Inquiring Local Agency in Kyrgyzstan  

June, 2015 - December, 2015

POLINA MANOLOVA, Bulgarian Migration to England – the Influential Power of the Imaginary West

June, 2015 - December, 2015

JOSHUA MEYER, Bilingualism in Kyrgyzstan: Insights from Socio- and Psycholinguistics

May 30 -August 26, 2015

JULIE McBRIEN, Muslim marriages

May, 2015 - September, 2015

AJAR CHEKIROVAParty Politics and Voting Behavior in Post-Communist Central Asia

June, 2015 - June, 2016

AMANDA MERRITTThe Experiences of Parents Attending a Parent to Parent Support Group for Parents of Disabled Children in Kyrgyzstan: A Qualitative Study

March, 2015 - July, 2015

FRANCO GALDINI, The Political Economy of Authoritarian Resilience

April, 2014 - December, 2015

CAROLINE TRACEY, Traditional Land Use Ethics in Contemporary Kyrgyzstan

September, 2014 - July, 2015

AMANDA WETSEL, Accommodating Relatedness: Homes in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan

August, 2013 -  March, 2015

ANNA-BARBARA HEINDL, Perception of Territoriality. Territory as a determinant for the comprehension of the Kyrgy Republic.

November, 2014 - April, 2015

KONSTANTIN ASH, Insecurity, Political Opportunism and Communal Violence Participation in Kyrgyzstan

June 10 - August 23, 2015

VINCENT ARTMANUnderstanding Nationality and Islam in Contemporary Kyrgyzstan: Beyond Essentialism,

August, 2014 - December, 2014

RICARDO BUSSMANN, The Complexity of Aid: Reforming the Security Sector in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan

June - July, 2014

ELINA TROSCENKOStateless in the borderlands of Kyrgyzstan

October, 2013 - July, 2014

ESTHER SOMFALVY, Parliaments and citizens: Explaining representation in the countries of the post-Soviet region

May - June, 2014

EWA KOLODZIEJ, Regional Security Complex in Central Asia after collapse of the Soviet Union

May, 2014

KARA DOWNEY, Nation-Building vs State-Building in Kyrgyzstan

February - May, 2014

DAVID SIEGELConstructing State Power Across Territory:  State Formation in Post-Soviet Central Asia

June, 2013 - May, 2014

ALESSANDRA RUSSO, Interdependence and Transition: Kaleidoscopic Configurations in the Post-Soviet Region

March - April, 2014

VANESSA BOASThe EU as a Normative Power in Central Asia: A Comparative Study of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgzystan

October - December, 2013

ZACHARIAH FALCONER-STOUT, Measuring Impact in the Age of Austerity

September, 2013 - June, 2014

KATHRYN DOOLEYConsumption as a Tool of Self-Fashioning and Sociability in Post-War Soviet Central Asia, 1945-1985

September - December, 2013

MARCIN KACZMARSKI, Russia, China and Central Asian States: The Social Dimension of Non-Hegemonic Power Transition

August - September, 2013

ANNA ALEKSEYEVA, The Meaning of Home, Family and Gender: Internal Migration in Kyrgyzstan

August 2013

KARA DOWNEY, Nation-Building vs State-Building in Kyrgyzstan

July - December, 2013

REGINE SPECTOR, ʺMade in Kyrgyzstan:ʺ The Social Foundations of Industrial Reconstitution and Development

July - August, 2013

AMANDA WOODEN, Environmental Politics and Protests in Kyrgyzstan

June - July, 2013

CHANE CORPConceptual Identities in Central Asia: A Collection of Historical Narratives and The Development of Historical Memory

May - July, 2013 

JUTTA WINTERMANN, Rostam and Manas – Epic Heroes in Iran and Turan,

February - September, 2013 

DAVID LEVY, Distinguishing Security Threats from Civic Challenges: Religious Regulation in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan

October, 2012 - August , 2013

AISALKYN BOTOEVA, External Influence and the Rise of Islamic Banking in Central Asia

October, 2012 - August, 2013

MARIYA VLASOVA, Fluid Home: Yurt Construction and Felt Making in Contemporary Kyrgyzstan

September, 2012 – July, 2013

SALTANAT CHILDRESS, Understanding Women's Experiences and Coping with Domestic Violence in Kyrgyzstan

August - May, 2013

PETER PLENTA, Foreign Policy of Central Asian Presidents: External Dimension of Legitimacy. Decision Making Process about Manas Air Base under Bakiyev

November - December, 2012

DAVID BOIRE-SCHWAB, Identity or Economic Disparity, the Causes of the 2010 Ethnic Violence in Kyrgyzstan

September - November, 2012

KARA DOWNEY, The Truth is Out There? Information, Credibility, and Public Opinion in Central Asia

August - December, 2012

KRISTOPHER WHITE, Nature-society Interrelationships in the Headwaters of the Syrdarya (Naryn and Karadarya river basins)

August - December, 2012

SALTANAT LIEBERT, Reforming Human Resource Management Systems in Post-Communist Countries: the Case of Kyrgyzstan

June - September, 2012

AMINAT CHOKOBAEVA, Born for Misery and Woe: Ways of Remembering the 1916 Great Revolt in Kyrgyzstan

June - September, 2012

JOHAN ENGVALL, The State as Investment Market: Politics and Bureaucracy in Kyrgyzstan

June - August, 2012

DAMIRA UMETBAEVA, Patterns of Cultural Interpretation of Socialism: History Teachers as Mediators between Collective and Individual Memory in Kyrgyzstan

May- August, 2012

JENNIFER WEBSTER, Contemporary Practices of Islam in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

April - August, 2012

VIKTORIA AKCHURINA, Securitization of Transnational Islamic Movements in Central Asia

March – September, 2012

NORA WILLIAMS, Protest Mobilization in April 2010

January - November, 2012

ALEXANDER DIENER, Mobilities and Immobilities in Central Eurasia

September, 2011 - May, 2012



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