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Spend a half-day with your classmates to get engaged with some of the most important challenges facing our world today: poverty, hunger, inequality, clean environment, and more. Working alongside NGO leaders and AUCA faculty, you’ll take part in an activity you care about to make the positive impact you wish to see in the world, joining a growing movement of youth-led civic activism in the Kyrgyz Republic. Afterwards, you’re invited to join AUCA’s President, Vice President, and the Center for Civic Engagement back on campus for a feast and celebration of what you accomplished during the Day of Engagement.

To learn more and sign up for an engagement activity, take a look at each of the 8 engagement activities shown below. Pre-registration is required to take part in the Day of Engagement

Please note that we can only accommodate up to 20 students per activity.

Activities with fewer than 5 participants registered as of 18:00 on Friday, August 23 will be cancelled. Registration closes on August 23 at 17:00.

Meet us on the AUCA Forum at 14:00 to sign in and get ready to leave for your project site by 14:30.


Registration for the Ashar Day of Engagement 2019 is now closed. We look forward to engaging with you next year!


Activity 1: No Poverty!


Get aware of poverty’s impact on KG and your own life, then work with your classmates to find solutions.

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Activity 2: Share to Care


Help end hunger in Bishkek by taking part in food sharing

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Activity 3: Healthy Kids


Make sure every child gets a healthy start by learning about immunization and informing citizens.

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Activity 4: A World of Knowledge


Help people living in remote villages access a world of knowledge through new technology devices.

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Activity 5: Hero Mothers, Hero Kids


Work with single-mothers to better understand how they can get financial support for their kids.

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Activity 6: C’Air – Care for Air


Visit a youth movement for environmental protection in KG, learn about their work and how you can get involved.

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Activity 7: The Evergreen Project


Visit the renowned Bishkek Elm Forest and Ecopark and learn how to keep our forests safe.

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Activity 8: Skills of the Future


Learn and raise awareness about skills that youth needs to succeed on the job market.

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Why participate at the Day of Engagement


Why should I spend my Saturday afternoon at the Day of Engagement?

You’ll get free food, fun, and the chance to spend a half-day with your classmates engaged in resolving local challenges. This is the chance to build friendships that will sustain you during your 4 years at AUCA, and to build the connections with professors and NGO leaders who can help you as you think about internships, careers, and your life direction.

What do you mean, “engaged in resolving local challenges”? What exactly will I be doing?

You will spend 2 to 3 hours on an engagement activity of your choice. This means you will spend some time learning about a topic – like childhood immunization, poverty prevention, environmental protection, etc. You will then actively engage in that topic by, for example, developing an action plan for childhood immunizations in a Bishkek community, creating an awareness-raising video about poverty in KG, or cleaning up a city forest. Exactly what you do and how you do it will depend on which of the 8 activities shown above that you choose to be a part of.

Overall, you will be engaged in what is called community-based learning – the practice of hands-on, active community engagement to bring the lessons you learn in the classroom to life and, at the same time, to make a positive impact on your surroundings.

What other community engagement activities does AUCA offer?

AUCA is a vibrant institution with many opportunities for community-based learning and engagement. These include multiple programs to help you design, fund, and implement your own projects (e.g. SIDP, C5+1, the ICP Development Clinic, and Student Senate), courses that either include or are fully centered on civic engagement activities, and fellowship and internship opportunities. To learn about all of these opportunities and more, stop by the AUCA Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) in rm. 115 (the President’s Office) or send us an email at

I can’t join the Ashar Day of Engagement on Saturday. Can I still be involved in other civic engagement opportunities in the future?

Yes, of course! While we would love you have you join us for the Ashar, we realize not everyone is available. If you’re interested in future civic engagement opportunities on campus, please visit our CCE webpage regularly, stop by our office in rm. 115 (the President’s Office), and send us an email at



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