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Moderation in LAS Program is designed to review and assess student's academic record and plans for future. It is designed to find out whether the student is prepared for more intensive study in chosen area and, whether he/she is capable of doing an acceptable senior thesis project.

Students and departments should start the process as early as May of Spring Semester. A LAS student should decide which concentration to choose from by mid of Fall Semester of his/her sophomore year by writing a motivational essay up to two pages long.

By the time the student submits the motivational essay, it is preferable that he/she would have already taken the courses from the intended major.

These essays are submitted to the LAS Program advisor, who further distributes them among departments. The students upload their essays on the special designed web-site page (e-course).

A freshman advisor and two faculty members (Moderation Board) of the related concentration/department, which the student had chosen, hold an interview. The Moderation board should review the student's records, including fulfillment of program and distribution requirements, and decide on the most important issues to address with the student about his or her progress toward the degree, his or her seriousness of purpose, and his or her intellectual development over the past two years.

The department makes a decision by the third Monday of October, two weeks before the Registration for next semester will start. LAS department issues final report on students transfer to corresponding concentrations by the last Monday of October, one week before Registration.

In case the student chooses to do a major in Applied Math or Software Engineering, he/she may be additionally required to sit a Math exam.

If the student fails to be accepted by a chosen concentration/department, he/she may try to undergo the same process again.

Departments/concentrations have to create their own Moderation and Graduation Requirements (Regulations) for each concentration.


Approved by

Academic Policy Committee minutes

dated January 22, 2014


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