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About DC Concentration

The Digital Culture concentration is meant to prepare students for careers in a variety of spheres including academia, media analysis, and in different branches of the culture industry like marketing and advertising, fields that operate in an increasingly complex digital environment. The concentration will also train students able to act as “digital intermediaries.” Most students have an advantage over their older peers as a result of their facility with digital platforms and social media. A concentration in Digital Studies will augment this natural fluency by equipping students with tools and theories to engage the art forms and media of the digital age.

A concentration melding the humanities and social media, Digital Cultures is meant to provide an attractive concentration for students who might otherwise avoid the liberal arts. AUCA has few established programs in this tradition beyond FYS and SYS, something that is not sustainable if the university is to maintain its reputation as a premier university in the arts and humanities. Digital Cultures is an attempt to address this deficiency with subject matter that will draw students to the humanistic tradition and to the critical and innovative thought it is meant to foster.

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