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There are two options for international students attending AUCA.  Students can choose to either live in the AUCA International Dormitory, or in an apartment on their own or with roommates.  Whatever you choose, the AUCA International Student Center will help you with your move.


Live in the AUCA International Dormitory


Rent an Apartment

Below are some tips for finding and renting an apartment in Bishkek.

  1. First, visit the International Students Coordinator who can provide a list of available apartments to begin your search and help you contact potential roommates. Please note that the International Students Coordinator assists with apartment searches but cannot participate in negotiations between you and the landlord.
  2. When you check in at the IAO office on arrival, you will receive a sample lease covering the main conditions for renting an apartment in Bishkek. Before signing any lease, read it carefully and make sure you understand your responsibilities and obligations, as well as those of the landlord.
  3. Before signing the lease, determine with the landlord who will pay for utilities, including water, gas, electricity, and local phone. You can pay your international phone bills at any Kyrgyz Telecom office.
  4. If any damages occur in the apartment due to your actions or neglect, you will be required to pay for or perform the required repairs or renovations. Use furniture and other facilities in the apartment with care, and always be sure to turn off water faucets so that you do not flood downstairs neighbors.
  5. Respect your roommates:
    • Do not play music loudly; use headphones.
    • Use only your personal clothes and accessories.
    • Keep the noise down at all times and do not hold parties after 10 p.m.
  6. If you decide you must change apartments, you first must inform the International Students Coordinator, who will assist you in canceling the current lease and signing a new one. Remember, you will have to stay in the current apartment until the end of the paid period. Whenever you change apartments, you must first inform the International Students Coordinator.


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