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Writing Center and Academic Resources offers individual classes in the following subjects: "Technology Letters", "Mathematics", "Economy", "Accounting", and "Programming". To view the class schedule, make an appointment or to cancel them may be here .

* It is important if you want to cancel the session, it must be done no less than 12 hours before the meeting!

Frequently asked Questions:

Where is the office of the Center? Cabinet №228. 

How can I register for classes?  Simply click on the above link and make exercise.  

Center Hours:  10: 00-16: 00 Monday-Saturday.

When the Centre will start work in the next fall semester?  September 18, Monday, but you can begin signing starting from September 13.

What should I expect from the training?  Please read the "Tutors for What the Do (And for What for They the Do the Do not)"

How often can I attend? Twice a week, on weekdays, additional classes are held on Saturdays.

How long is one session? One academic hour, but please be prepared to pay 5-10 minutes after class to fill in a form where you have to give your opinion about the occupation, it will help us improve our activities in the future.

What should I bring with me?  (1) Target - you get a table with tasks from your teacher, or print it yourself with the online pages of the subject (e-course); (2) the text (s) you are working on, and (3) any written work that you performed on the job so far. And of course, a notebook and a pen.

How can I cancel a meeting with a mentor?  The meeting can be canceled in the same way as you written on it: use our program planning schedules. Click on «My schedule (My schedule)" and select the session that you want to cancel. But remember: the meeting can only be canceled for no less than 12 hours before the class!

What happens if I do not come at the scheduled activity? If you do not appear in the two classes, you will be forbidden to use the services of the Centre before the end of the semester (ie, get into the "black list").

What is a "Regular exercise (ongoing session)»?  This lesson on any subject, which takes place in the regular mode, weekly, at one and the same time and with the same teacher throughout the semester. If you feel that you need constant help in the study of a particular subject, you can make an appointment with the same teacher in the same time every week.

What will I need to do if I run into problems (difficulty in using the schedule planning program, the lack of a mentor; a negative experience gained in the classroom, etc.)? Immediately contact the Director or Coordinator of the Center, the office №237, or just write us an email warc@auca.kg .

What some advise? Booked in advance!  

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