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Section 1: WARC Kyrgyz Language Tutorials

Episode 1: Greetings


Episode 2: Saying Goodbye


Episode 3: Introducing Yourself + Personal Endings


Episode 4: Saying Where You Are from + Personal Pronouns


Episode 5: The Law of Harmony + Voiced vs Unvoiced Consonants


Episode 6: Making Plural Forms of Nouns


Episode 7: Verbs in the Simple Present Tense––Positive Forms


Episode 8: The Simple Present Tense––Negative + Question Forms


Episode 9: Introduction to Noun Cases + The Nominative Case


Episode 10: The Genitive Case


Episode 11: The Dative Case


Episode 12: The Accusative Case


Episode 13: The Locative Case


Episode 14: The Ablative Case


Episode 15: Common Mistakes with Nouns


 Episode 16: Introduction to Adjectives


Episode 17: Numerals


Episode 18: Pronouns


Episode 19: The Present Continuous Tense


Episode 20: The Past Tense Part 1


Episode 21: The Future Tense


Episode 22: The Past Tense Part 2


Episode 23: Modals Part 1––Must & Should


Episode 24: Modals Part 2––May & Can


Episode 25: Conditionals


Episode 26: The Imperative


Episode 27: Talking about Your Job & Your Studies


 Episode 28: Talking about the Weather


Episode 29: Telling Time


Episode 30: In the Classroom


 Episode 31: At a Restaurant


Episode 32: At the Bazaar


Episode 33: Famous Spots in Kyrgyzstan


 Episode 34: Proverbs in the Kyrgyz Language


Episode 35: Chingiz Aitmatov Listening Comprehension Exercise


Episode 36: The Epic of Manas Listening Comprehension Exercise


Episode 37: Alykul Osmonov Listening Comprehension Exercise


 Episode 38: Kyrgyz Films


Episode 39: How to Make Plov


Episode 40: Parts of the Body



Episode 41: Parts of the Home



Episode 42: Furniture



Episode 43: Emotions & Feelings



Episode 44: Family Members



Episode 45: Colors



Episode 46: Daily Routine



Episode 47: Transportation



Episode 48: At the Doctor



Episode 49: Clothes



Episode 50: Tattybubu Tursunbaeva Listening Comprehension Exercise



Episode 51: Nooruz and Building Causative Sentences



 Episode 52: Kyrgyz National Music Instruments



Episode 53: Suimonkul Chokmorov Listening Comprehension Exercise



Episode 54: The Most Fabulous Sightseeing of Kyrgyzstan



Episode 55: National Sports



Episode 56: Animals



Episode 57: Adverbs



Episode 58: Aaly Tokombaev Listening Comprehension Exercise



Episode 59: Professions



Episode 60: Exploring Dreams & Setting Goals



Episode 61: Conjunctions



Episode 62: Linking words



Episode 63: New Year



Episode 64: Toktogul Satylganov Listening



Episode 65: Ak Kalpak



Episode 66: International Women's Day



Episode 67: Introductory Words



Episode 68: Barpy Alykulov Listening Comprehension Exercise




Episode 69: Togolok Moldo



Episode 70: National Currency Day



Episode 71: Rites, Rituals, and Superstitions in Kyrgyzstan





Section 2: AUCA Creative Writing Club Talks

Publishing 101 with Erica X Eisen


The Writer as Observer with Erica X Eisen


Work in Progress: Sharing Is Caring with Nicholas Walmsley


The Shape of a Short Story with Erica X Eisen


Creative Nonfiction: Form & Function with Erica X Eisen

Section 3: Academic Writing Talks

How to Write a Literature Review


How to Write a Research Proposal


The Structure of a Senior Thesis


Editing Your Senior Thesis


Defending Your Senior Thesis


Finding & Assessing the Reliability of Sources


Finding a Research Question & Writing a Research Proposal


Developing a Research Question & Framing a Hypothesis


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