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Scrabble Tournament


Initial situation / problem statement

AUCA is known to have the best curriculums and student clubs for its students, but only a few educational clubs. The idea behind this project is to make a sustainable educational program in which the students would be involved during the academic year without any competition. This game brings the culture of practicing the English words and motivates students to use a dictionary and expand their vocabulary.


Target group

The target group of this project is all AUCA undergraduate students. According to my observation, during their free time, students just sit on every floor and play mobile games or cards. I believe this is a waste of time for them. The idea to introduce the ScrabbleTM game has the benefit to involve all the AUCA community in playing this amazing game of words. This game can even bring students and professors closer by playing together as I have been practicing these days.


Goal Statement

This game involves all the AUCA community through the Scrabble TM game on February 16, 2018. The intention of implementing this game is to involve students in practicing English words. Moreover, this game can bring the culture of educational activity outside the classroom in AUCA.



I will buy Scrabble sets and introduce them through the LED screen in Forum, Social Media, and workshops about the rules of the game. Once everyone comes to know about the game and its rules then they will get interested in playing it. I will meet different groups of students and play with them. In this project, there is no serious risk because I have implemented it several times in Pakistan and Afghanistan with the best results.


Resources and responsibilities

For implementing this project, we need 11 sets of Scrabble so that before the tournament the students get involved in practicing the game and get familiar with rules and procedures. This project needs judges for the tournament and I will take the help of professors as jury.



This project requires at least 11 sets of the Scrabble game. Total expenses for Scrabble boards is 3545 soms.

To make this game popular we need to motivate students by offering them cash prizes. This way it’s very easy to attract lots of students. Since there will be separate winners for AUCA and AUCA New Generation Academy students, this money will be divided among both winners.

Total cash prizes sum is 10 000 soms. The total project budget is 13545 soms.


Timeframe and milestones

Practice lessons will take place from February 1 to February 15th, 2018. The tournament will start on February 16th, and the final game will be played on February 26th, 2018.


Contact information

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