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Projects Implementation

If I have a business idea, will SIDP support me?

SIDP does not finance start-ups and businesses. If your project focuses on solving a community problem, you are welcome to apply!

I need to do a research as part of a class assignment, can I get SIDP support on that?

SIDP can provide you with consultations or training, however, it does not finance research works.

I want to do something good, but do not have any project ideas, what shall I do?

Contact us and get an individual consultation.

Is it possible for me to stop the implementation of my project if I have already received the funding?

Though quite undesirable, it is still possible to withdraw from the Program with the condition that you either replace yourself with a new project coordinator or return the received funding to AUCA in full amount.

How long should the project be?

SIDP is looking to support long-term projects, not one-time events. The maximum duration of a project is 1 (one) academic year.

How do I withdraw from the Program?

You have to notify the Program Coordinator via e-mail indicating the reason for the withdrawal. After reviewing it, the Program Coordinator will confirm the withdrawal.

Do I have to report to the Program coordinator during the project implementation? If yes, how often?

You do! Depending on the complexity of your project, you have to report 2-4 times a month.

What documents have to be submitted upon completion of the project?

You have to submit the following three types of documents:

1) Financial report, 2) Narrative report, 3) Media documents (photos, videos, audios).

Can I do projects with students from other universities?

Yes, you can build your team with students from different universities, however, the project coordinator has to be an AUCA student.

How can I start the project?

To start a project you have to have an idea first. Take time to think and analyze who you are as a person, what you care for, what are some issues that bother you and you would like to take action to change them, do your research, identify a specific problem, and come for a consultation if needed. Contact us!

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