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FAQ: About the Program

What is SIDP advisory commission?

SIDP advisory commission is the body within the Program, which approves the submitted projects and their budgets, and provides recommendations to improve them. The existence of the SIDP advisory commission ensures transparency and avoidance of bias when reviewing the projects.

What kind of projects does SIDP support?

SIDP supports economic, ecological, and social projects. SIDP does not finance start-ups, research works, completely charitable projects,  projects with a political or religious character. Also, the Program does not finance the purchase or rent of various equipment (projectors, cameras, etc.) for the projects.

Do I always need to apply SIDP to get a support?

If you want to get funding, then you have to apply to SIDP. If you want to get support in form of consultations and recommendations, you can contact us and let us know when you want to meet.

What are the requirements for projects?

The project must be implemented in your local community, aim to solve a specific problem, have a clearly defined target audience, and have a limited implementation term. Also, the project coordinator can not be a direct beneficiary of the project. The maximum duration of a project is 1 academic year.

Can I volunteer at SIDP?

Send an e-mail to with the following information:

  1. tell us about yourself;
  2. tell us about your skills;
  3. tell us why do you want to volunteer at SIDP.

In case there are matching positions at SIDP, the program coordinator will contact you.

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