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Second Language Policy

Policy on Second Languages in European Studies

The Second Language learning is based on the requirements of the Europass Language Passport. This document’s objective is to make your skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood in Europe. The Europass Language Passport is a standardised template for presenting your language skills, using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Its objective is to help citizens communicate their skills and qualifications effectively when looking for a job or training; help education and training authorities define and communicate the content of curricula.

For official assessment and certification of your language level (DELF, DELE, EOSD, DAF), please,  contact a language assessment centers.

  1. Currently, European Studies program component for the second language (Spanish, German and French) includes:
    - The language courses of three levels - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, which are held three times a week, and
    - Special disciplines: Second Language for Tourist Purposes, History of the European Region,  Regional European Literature, European and Asian Values Compared, ​​Ecological Tourism, and Intercultural Communication: each of which has the content and academic writing and scheduled three times a week; and Internship (Written Translation) to apply language skills;
  2. the Second language component consists of 51 credits in total;

- At the end of Major program, students take a written state examination in European Studies at the second language.

Thus, over the course students have 18 + 30 + 3 = 51 credits for the second language that meets the requirements of the Major program and Minor, at the same time, related to the level B2-C1 of the European Language Passport (ELP).

Taking into account the intensity of the program to study a second language, European Studies Department awards students with an AUCA Certificate of the knowledge of a second language if they achieve following requirements:
GPA: not less than 3.0
Courses and State Exam grade is not less than B-


  1. In the case if a student provides ES with the official certificate of the Alliance Française by the French government, or Goethe Institute by the German government, or EOSD by the Austrian government, or DELE by the Spanish government, the transfer of credits is the following:
    A1-A2 – Beginners’ level, 6 credits;
    B1 - Intermediates’ level, 6 credits;
    B2 - Advanced level, 6 credits;
    The exchange rate will correspond to the score points or percentage specified in the certificate or its official application.

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