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Elena Molchanova, PhD

Сhair of Psychology department

Psychology Department

Division of Social Sciences


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Room: 315


1) Psychophysiology and Cognitive Psychology

2) Abnormal Psychology (BA)

3) Psychopharmacology

4) Biological bases of behavior

5) Family Therapy

6) Anatomy and Physiology of CNS and Complex Nervous Activity

7) Neurophysiology

8) Abnormal Psychology (MA)

9) Theories of Violence:Scientific approach



2017 – 2018:  Postgraduate training in evidence-based medicine, Ministry of Health, KR – Expert of MH KR

2013 – Fellowship Program at Michigan State University – Research Fellow of MSU

1994 -1998:  Postgraduate Training in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, Kyrgyzstan. Highest Attestation Committee of Russian Federation. Defended Dissertation: “Alexithymia in the formation of somatoform disorders. Psychotherapeutic correction of alexithymia”. Scientific Degree in Psychiatry.

1991 – 1994:  Residency at the Department of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy at Kyrgyz State Medical Academy. Degree obtained – MD, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology

1985 – 1991: Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, diploma with honour (State scholarship).  General Physician

2016, October, Bishkek: 24 credits in evidence-based medicine (Qualitative and quantitative research in medical sciences), organized by Ministry of Health, the Kyrgyz Republic


2016, April, Tbilisi: Modern tendencies in psychopharmacological treatment of mental disorders (26 credits)


2016, March, Madrid: Psychopathology in modern classification systems (26 educational credits)


2014, October –  Medical and Clinical Psychology, Moscow and Yaroslavl, Russian Federation (18 educational credits)


2014, September – Presidential session on DSM-V, Madrid, Spain (6 Educational credits)


2014, September – WPA (World Psychiatric Association) training on Psychiatry (24 educational credits)


2010, St – Petersburg, Russian Federation Modernizing disaster mental health, acute disaster response, providing   psychological first aid and applying skills for psychological recovery.

Workshop provided by Robert Pynoos, Melissa Bryner (USA) in the framework of the regional WPA meeting In St. Petersburg (6 educational credits)


2007, Bishkek Electronic course development and excellence in online teaching. American University – Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan


2008 Group techniques: how to use them more purposefully. University of Cincinnati, USA.


2007 PTSD: diagnosis and psychological counseling. University of Memphis, USA


2003   Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy: Advanced Training III. Slavonic University, Kyrgyzstan


2000   Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy: Advanced Training II. Slavonic University, Kyrgyzstan.


1996   Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy: Advanced Training I. Slavonic University, Kyrgyzstan


2019    US Davis Health, School of Medicine. Ulysses Medal for Leadership in Refugee Health

2015    Special psychological award “Zolotaya Psiheya”, St. Petersburg

2012    Presidential award for commitment to excellence

2010    John J. Dreier faculty excellence award.

2008    Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching

2003    Award for Excellence in Clinical, Teaching & Research Work - Ministry of Health of


1990    Kyrgyz State Scholarship (Leninskaya stipendia)


2017 – 2020  Co- Principal Investigator “Combatting culturally endorsed gender based violence in Kyrgyzstan through higher education”, Development Marketplace Award the World                              Bank

2017 - 2018   Grant awarded to conduct research project “Women empowerment in rural Kyrgyzstan: Challenges and Opportunities” within the program Research beyond the Ivory                                Tower: Policy and Communications Training for University Teams funded by the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs

Anthropological psychology and psychiatry;

Cultural aspects of family therapy

Neuropsychology and culture


On-going research projects:

2019 – Present:  Mental Epidemics in post-Soviet countries

2015 – Present: implementation of community-based services in rural areas (supported by the Word Bank)

2010 – Present: Policies in mental health services, epidemiology of stress disorders and process of interethnic communication in Southern region of Kyrgyz Republic (dissertation for obtaining postdoctoral degree in medicine)

2007 – Present: Cognitive models of a “norm” and a “disorder” in Kyrgyz traditional culture, influence on treatment and prognosis of mental disorders


2015 -2016 (together with E. Kim, Asel Myrzabekova, and Olga Yarova): Rural Women’s Empowerment in Kyrgyzstan: Opportunities and Bottlenecks. Supported by Norwegian Institute for International Affairs (NUPI)

2007 – 2010: (in collaboration with “Aigine” cultural and research center): Anthropological Psychology: Potential Psychotherapeutic Use of Traditional Healing and Traditional Kyrgyz Rituals (supported by Christensen Fund)

2006 – 2008: (in collaboration with Dr Patrick Marius Koga, UC Medical School): Fractal Geometry and Dynamic Chaos Theory in Modeling Schizophrenia

2001-2004: Cognitive models of adaptive phenomena in mental disorders

Selected recent publications (select up to 10 from the latest 10 years):

Molchanova, E.  (2018). From Trances and Ritual to Epidemic of Dissociative Disorders. In: Social Psychopathology. V. Samokhvalov (chief editor), 2018, pp295 – 320. ISBN5-978-88429-243-7.

Molchanova, E and Agazade N (editors). Mental health in Emergences and Crises. Guidelines for Emergency Responders. “Altyn – Print” publishing house, Bishkek, 2016. P 300

Elena Molchanova, Sharon Horne, Elena Kim & Olga Yarova (2017) Hybridized Indigenous Healing in the Kyrgyz Republic: Helping Survivors of Violence. Women & Therapy, 41:1-2, 69-82, DOI: 10.1080/02703149.2017.1324187

Molchanova, E. Kim E (2016). Psychiatry in the Kyrgyz Republic: In between the Soviet Past and a Vague Future. In: Routledge Handbook of Psychiatry in Asia. Dinesh Bhugra (chief editor). Routledge, UK, pp.11-27.

Molchanova, E. (2017). Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding of the Epidemic of Functional Neurological Symptoms among Adolescent Girls from Migrants’ Families in Northern Kazakhstan. Mental Health in Family Medicine  13: 608-614

Also available at

Molchanova E. (2017).  Mental health Consequences of Bride Kidnapping in the Kyrgyz Republic. EUROPEAN PSYCHIATRY Volume: 41 Supplements: S. Meeting Abstract: EV0343   Published: APR 2017 (Web of Science). An abstract available at

Molchanova E., Tsoy R., Sim I.  (2017). Reflection of Local and Universal Historical Time in Symptoms of Paranoid Schizophrenia.  EUROPEAN PSYCHIATRY  Volume: 41   Supplement: S   Pages: S515-S516   Meeting Abstract: EV0344   Published: APR 2017 (Web of Science).  Abstract available at:

Molchanova E., T. Galako (2017) Suicides in the Kyrgyz Republic: Discrepancies in different types of official statistics. EUROPEAN PSYCHIATRY V: 41 Supplements: S   Meeting Abstract: EV1477   Published: APR 2017 (Web of Science). Abstract available at

Molchanova, E., Agazade N., Dobryakov, I. (2016). Culturally Shaped Manifestations of PTSD in Kyrgyzstan. In: Comprehensive Guide to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. In: Comprehensive Guide to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Springer, pp. 1605-1615. Available at:

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