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Don Edita


I am interested to continue studying mathematics and to improve my knowledge in economics. In addition, I like to learn languages and also help freshmen as a peer-advisor

This scholarship is a good support and help for my parents.

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Maftuna Tokhirova

ANTH 118

I am interested in social issues in different countries. My goal is to become a useful person who can solve important issues for society and help people achieve their goals.

Alumni scholarship covered my tuition fee in 2020-2021. In other words, I was able to continue my studies without worrying about school fees during the pandemic. I am very grateful to the Alumni Fund.

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Alybaev Dastan


I am aspiring to be an expert in IT sphere and work for the big techonological companies. I am worried about the education in my country. In my opinion, the big cause of all problems in Kyrgyzstan comes from pure education.

The scholarship helped me a lot, especially during the pandemic. Our family's financial situation worsened, the dollar rose, and the scholarship greatly eased my tuition fee.

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Rysmende Kadyrkulov


I am fond of statistics, the theory of probability, computer science, programming, and economics. After graduation I plan to work as Machine Learning Engineer, where I can create reasoning machines called artificial intelligence.

Alumni Scholarship financially assisted me and my family during the pandemic and economic crisis, where the fund is crucial; moreover, I was introduced to the alumni community within AUCA.

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Dana Abuziarova


I plan to delve into the sphere of PR and Marketing in the future. I believe the development of Internet Marketing and competent interactions with customers through a well-done advertisement at any business will allow the country's entrepreneurs to improve the quality of the goods and services provided. It can contribute to the rapid development of the economy of Kyrgyzstan.

The Alumni Scholarship provided me with the huge help in paying for my tuition at AUCA during the pandemic and gave me the opportunity to become a part of the AUCA community and the Alumni Relation Office itself.

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