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Bermet Momoeva


I enjoy studying politics, history, culture, and literature as well as exploring social, political, and economic relationships. AUCA is a great platform to study these multi-disciplines and gain the necessary knowledge. I want to continue to study, deepen my expertise and become a successful representative who will help our country to develop political and cross-cultural relations in the future.

Bakai Moldoshev


I want to express my immense gratitude for this opportunity . The Alumni Scholarship is an opportunity that I cherish and is fully aligned with my goals and aspirations. By receiving this scholarship, I am confident that I will not only make a significant contribution to the AUCA alumni community, but also continue to strive for excellence and positive impact in all aspects of my academic and professional journey.

Aruuke Masalbekova


My name is Aruuke and I am a junior student from Applied Mathematics and Informatics department. I am forever grateful for receiving this truly life-changing scholarship. It does not only relieve me from financial stress but also opens doors to research and career opportunities, shaping my personal growth and future success. I believe that this opportunity will allow me to excel academically and get accepted to a masters program of my dreams in the future.

Madina Salieva


My name is Madina Salieva, I am a sophomore student at the JMC department. Alumni scholarship and working with the development office will help me grow and get more experience in working in a team, community communication and expand my experience

Zhypara Kadyrakunova


I am Zhypara Kadyrakunova, junior student, from the Environmental Sustainability and Climate Science department. Receiving the Alumni Scholarship provides me with the unique opportunity to pursue higher education at a prestigious university, supporting my academic achievements. This scholarship also helps me build connections with alumni and gain valuable advice and experience from successful professionals.

Muqaddas Mamadboqirova


I am a committed social activist with a profound passion for the study of International Relations and Human Rights This fervor not only fuels my personal growth but also offers boundless opportunities to contribute positively on a global scale. As I pursue my Master's degree, my ultimate aspiration is to join the United Nations in the Entity of Human Rights and Gender Equality. Through this role, I aim to address pressing human rights issues and actively work towards their resolution. My vision is to become a Changemaker, leveraging my knowledge, skills, and dedication to foster positive change. In this pursuit, I hope to inspire others to join the cause of advancing human rights and equality worldwide. Being selected as an Alumni Scholarship recipient is a tremendous honor, affording me the chance to become an integral part of a remarkable team characterized by its diversity and wealth of experiences. This opportunity not only allows me to participate in valuable projects, events, and workshops but also to support fellow students in their journey towards achieving their goals.

Shakhzoda Mirakova


I am a sophomore student majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications at American University of Central Asia. I am an activist from Uzbekistan who represents her country in Europe, the US and Central Asia in such events as Harvard Conference, Uzbekistan Youth Leadership Program, EU Youth Sounding Board meeting and many more. I promote active citizenship through my civic engagement projects and storytelling. For me, receiving alumni scholarship means promoting civic engagement opportunities within AUCA network, so more alumni could have a chance to work together and change the narrative of Central Asia in realms of women’s rights, freedom of speech and environmental issues.


Aman Abylgaziev


It is an honor to be Alumni Scholarship recipient. This scholarship motivates me even more to achieve my educational and extracurricular goals. I am really interested in finances, economics and math. So, I want to success in them and bond my life with bank sphere.

Salima Almazbekova


I am passionate about Journalism and I believe that it is one of the best tools to address social and global problems. I also love to take video interviews and write feature articles. After graduation I plan to get some work experience and then apply for the Master’s program. I am honoured to be a recipient of the Alumni Scholarship for the second time which gives me a great opportunity to continue excel my academic excellence and extracurricular activities!

Alikhan Tursunbekov


My passion for software engineering stems from the exhilaration of delving into new technologies daily, with the potential to enhance lives. As I delved deeper into this field, the Alumni Scholarship emerged as a pivotal catalyst, enabling me to fully immerse myself in my studies. This support not only enriched my academic journey but also sharpened my dedication to advancing the world through software innovation.


Aigerim Batyrbek kyzy


My name is Aigerim Batyrbek kyzy. I am senior student of Sociology Department. Alumni Scholarship helps me to implement research projects focused on gender-related issues, contributing to a better understanding of these issues and potential solutions.

Saliya Khurova


I'm a passionate storyteller studying Mass Communications and Journalism. I've gained valuable work experience at organizations like UNICEF, Kloop and Limon.KG - media platforms in Kyrgyzstan. As the former president of AUCA's volunteering club and a coordinator for a project benefiting children with disabilities, I'm dedicated to giving back to my community. Receiving the Alumni Grant Scholarship not only supports my studies but also connects me with AUCA graduates, allowing me to contribute to Alumni relations and development of my Alma Mater

Amira Kasymova


My name is Amira and I am junior student in ICP. This scholarship provides me with opportunity to peruse my dreams of becoming a good leader of my country and become great representative of Alma mater! Thank you so much for your support!

Nuraiym Kadyrkulova

TCMA - 121

I enjoy creating videos, and I'm particularly delighted to have received Alumni scholarship . This scholarships will be instrumental in furthering my skills and opportunities in my field. It encourages me to do well in my studies and keep trying my best in the sphere I'm learning.

Asif Mamedov


My name is Asif Mamedov, I am a junior law student at AUCA with a strong commitment to academic excellence and a passion for extracurricular activities. I am an active representative of the AUCA team in the various moot court competitions and have wide experience interning in both courts and private law firms. The scholarship provided by the alumni office will enable me to dedicate myself fully to my education and explore diverse opportunities in the field of law as I embark on my professional journey.


Sabina Talantbek kyzy


I am Sabina Talantbek kyzy, currently a junior student enrolled in Business Administration department. Alumni Scholarship has provided me with a valuable opportunity to concentrate more on my academic pursuits and establish a solid foundation for my future career.

Zharkynai Maratbek kyzy


Zharkynai Maratbek kyzy, senior (4th year) student of Business Administration department.

I'm an ambitious and inquisitive individual. My unwavering commitment lies in continuous personal and professional development, as I strive to grow both as a human being and a dedicated professional.

I am sincerely grateful for the alumni scholarship, which generously offers financial support, allowing me to pursue my educational goals with confidence and determination. This assistance is truly invaluable.

Sabina Akbaralieva


I'm senior student majoring in Sociology at American University of Central Asia. During my studies, I gained invaluable experience in various research projects, data analysis, and had an opportunity to study at Central European University in Vienna under the OSUN mobility program. Moreover, I recently became a recipient of the Alumni Scholarship, which will certainly help me achieve my academic and career goals, open up new opportunities, and allow me to gain intercultural competence.

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