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Zarlasht Haidary


Name: Zarlasht Haidary

Year of graduation: 2019 

Department: Social Science-Anthropology

Other Degree(s) obtained: Diploma in Business and Management

Ambassador of: Afghanistan

Reason for becoming an ambassador: The main reason for becoming an Alumni Ambassador is to serve as an information resource between AUCA and the Alumni community and build new ways to engage graduate students with the university as well as their community. 

Plans to implement: 

First, I would like to create a social media platform e.g. Facebook, Instagram, for the Alumni for a meaningful interaction and networking purpose. Alumni can share their experiences as well as employment, conferences, workshops, and other opportunities. It will help us Identify and connect with other Alumni and former students in the community. In the meantime, I will start collecting names and contact information of all the students in order to keep the Alumni community database updated. It would be a significant data portal for Alumni, faculty, and Staff. They can use the data whenever needed.

Second, I will start collecting success stories of current and previous alumni quarterly in order to motivate other undergraduate students, highlighting their academic life in AUCA as well as their career and professional life after graduation.

 Third, I will start connecting and networking alumni with prospective students who plan to pursue their bachelor’s degree at AUCA. The U.S. Embassy in Kabul will provide a pre-departure orientation program to the new students. During these sessions, alumni would share their academic and professional life experiences at the AUCA with the new students. This supports and enlightens them about the new country, culture, and new environment that they would experience in the future. Besides these events, I would like to suggest more formal and informal networking events all around the year, as needed.

Forth, I would like to provide technical assistance and tutoring for the new applicants regarding their application, essay reviews, and statement of purpose reviews. This will serve as a reference for the programs, providing further information for the interested applicants.

Fifth, finally, this will help in the Identification of internship, job opportunities, and study abroad programs. The alumni community can help each other and provide support on how to hold such seminars and how to apply for such programs.

A best ambassador is: In my opinion, a good ambassador is someone who can use his/ her inner potential to sustain a positive relationship between countries, organizations or even in school levels. A good ambassador functions as an effective leader who has great problem-solving skills, excels in good communication and to be able to cope with responsibilities that he has been assigned.

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Alla Voevodina

 Balcan States

Name: Alla Voevodina

Year of graduation: 2004

Department: Journalism 

Other Degree(s):

Ambassador of:  Balcan States

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