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Goals and Learning Outcomes


Goals of the Human Rights Concentration

  • Development and constant revision of the curriculum that reflects the cross-disciplinary nature of human rights via an in-depth study of scholarly works, legal documents and judicial decisions, political and geopolitical context, historical events, and narratives.
  • Strengthening the interdisciplinary dimension of the curriculum that reflects issues and problems relating to the realization of human rights through the prism of an interdisciplinary approach.
  • Strengthening the ability of students to develop the resolution of human rights issues and problems based on a cross-disciplinary approach
  • Engage students in human rights practice, advocacy, and international human rights networks through various research projects, internships, competitions, and study abroad opportunities.
  • Contextualization and internationalization of the program through building domestic, regional, and international partnerships.


Learning outcomes of the Human Rights Concentration

  • Identify, analyze, contextualize and evaluate primary and secondary source materials including treaties, cases of human rights committees, tribunals, country reports, and scholarly literature about human rights. 
  • Analyze country-specific and international human rights issues from multiple perspectives, apply knowledge to new cases contextually and develop human rights-based initiatives and policies.
  • Promote human rights through legal, political, social, and other cross-disciplinary means.
  • Carry out professional and cross-disciplinary work in the field of human rights, in NGOs, international organizations, think tanks, and governmental agencies.
  • Reflectively evaluate the effectiveness of human rights practice and advocacy on domestic, regional, and international levels.
  • Transmit obtained skills in the field of human rights through legal action, policy-making, human rights advocacy, and research.

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