American University of Central Asia - AUCA - AUCA students took part in the geological field excursion to the Boom Gorge

AUCA students took part in the geological field excursion to the Boom Gorge

On Sunday, November 25 the Department of Applied Geology organized the field excursion to Boom Gorge for students. This tour arranged by Rustam Orozbaev as a part of the practicum for the courses of General Geology, Structural Geology & Tectonics, and Mineralogy & Petrology. During the excursion, students were able to observe the geological outcrops of rocks in the field. They've learned how to use geological and topographic maps, GPS and geological compass, and described the structural relationships of various rock types. This type of practical field works greatly help students to strengthen their theoretical knowledge that they receive at the university.

Participants sharing their impressions below:

Klimentiy Voyetskiy, Sophomore, Department of Applied Geology

A group of students from Geology class made a trip to Boom Gorge to exercise skills in the field. After we arrived and observed safety regulations, we proceed to terrain orientation using topographic maps. Next, we investigated geological outcrops of different type of rocks and analysed it via geological map and compass, GPS, measured structural elements of outcrops such as strike and dip. Also, we described every sample according to its rock type. To summarize, we have practiced all basic geological field skills that we knew only in theory before the trip. Nature, good company, valuable and interesting activities to complete, what else might one want? Well, there is something. It would be much better to connect our field and laboratory skills to get comprehensive experience. For example, make thin-sections out of collected samples for further analysis under a polarization microscope. Nevertheless, the excursion was just great, and I want more such opportunities to study beyond campus in the field.

Tansuluu Matieva, Junior, Department of International and Comparative Politics

Field excursion to the Boom Gorge was my first experience of the geological expedition. This expedition benefited me from many aspects. First, it allowed me to use theoretical knowledge gained during our classes in practice. For example, I was able to use my knowledge in order to identify the rock types and classify them to igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Also, I had an opportunity to observe the textual relationships of minerals in naturally occurring conditions. I saw the examples of phenocrysts, porphyroblasts, and poikiloblasts.

Secondly, I got additional knowledge about mineral properties and improved my skills in the identification of minerals in hand samples. I was able to extend my list of known minerals. Thirdly, I advanced maps using skills: learned how to identify the place by using topographic maps and its geological composition by using geological maps. Also had a chance to practice the use of the compass in geological investigations.

Finally, the expedition was useful because it enabled me to get useful information about the work which geologist do in their expeditions starting from place identification and ending with taking rock samples for further investigation in laboratories. It was a very informative and useful experience which allowed me to get familiar with particular work which is done by geologists and receive knowledge about the composition and structure of the Boom Gorge.

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