Learning Challenges

Learning Results

The Environmental Management and Sustainable Development program's learning challanges results:

  • Identify environmental issues in any geographical or organizational context
  • Collect, critically assess, and responsibly usea variety of high-quality academic sources for any given issue
  • Analyzethe causes of unsustainability in technology, behavior, and institutions, and make coherent proposals for change
  • Interpret and integratemulti-disciplinary perspectives on a given sustainability issue
  • Useterms and sustainability insights from the natural sciences correctly and with confidence
  • Presenta balanced vision of sustainable development, integrating concepts of natural resource use, human wellbeing, and ecosystem health
  • Appreciate and involve a variety of stakeholders from government, business, and civil society, and communicateeffectively with them regardless of their education level
  • Integrate worldviews and values arguments in relevant and respectful ways into a proposed change strategy to motivate stakeholders
  • Leadgroups through deep change on the basis of John Kotter’s 8 Steps
  • Make compelling arguments for change to sustainability, both in written reports and oral presentations
  • Contributeto relevant policy research that helps decision-makers develop better goals and implementation strategies for sustainability in Central Asia
  • Master the core competencies for sustainable development, namely Responsibility, Emotional Intelligence, System Orientation, Future Orientation, Personal Involvement, and Action Skills, plus the disciplinary competencies of an academic discipline of their choice


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