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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What is the address of the dorm?

Answer: Sukhe-Bator St., 11/1/ (intersection/crossing with Yunusaliev St.). You may also use a free mobile app and 2GIS (available for free for iOS and Android) to figure out the public transportation going to the dorm from any place.


Q: Do I clean my room myself?

A: Yes, you do clean your room yourself. Only common areas of the dorm are cleaned by the custodial personnel. 


Q: What should I do if I get ill?

A: You have an opportunity to visit the AUCA doctor during working days at AUCA. In case you feel bad at the Dorm you should approach your floor RA (or ask your roommate to call the RA). 


Q: Where do I get blankets, pillows, etc.?

A: Some international students are provided with pillows and blankets when they arrive. Other students have to buy them themselves. You may visit Orto-Sai market, nearby the Dormitory, for this purpose.


Q: Are pets allowed in the dorm?

A: Pets are not allowed in the dorm. 


Q: Can I have a guest in my room?

A: You can have a guest in your room during visiting hours (from 7.00-21.00) if it does not disturb your roommates.


Q: Can my guest stay overnight?

A: Your guest cannot stay overnight. He/she must leave before 21.00.


Q: Is there a TV in the Dorm

A: Yes there is a hall with a TV and sofas on the first floor of the dorm. It is connected to the internet, so most international (entertainment, sports, and etc.) channels are available. 


Q: What are the facilities in my room?

A: The facilities in your room are: bed, heater, shower with mirror, wardrobe, and table. You can be provided with extra facilities upon request.


Q: How do I get to the dorm?

A:  From AUCA new Campus you can get to the dorm on the following minibusses: 122, 172, 162. And buses: 5 and 42. You may also download free mobile app and 2GIS available for iOS and Android for free (also available on your desktop).


Q: Do I have WiFi in the dorm?

A: Yes, there is a WiFi network which covers the entirety of the dormitory.


Q: Do I choose a room myself?

A: No, you are assigned a room. However, you will have an opportunity to change your room afterward in case you have a justified reason for doing so. You need to discuss it with the Dormitory Coordinator. 


Q: Can I do my laundry in the dorm?

A: Yes, you can. Each floor (there are four living floors in the dorm) has a specific day for doing laundry.


Q: Is there a dining room in the dorm?

A: There is a small dining room in the dorm, however, you must cook food for yourself.


Q: Is there a curfew for me?

A: If you are under 18 you have a curfew which is at 22.00. If you are older and study on the undergraduate program your curfew is 00:00.


Q: Whom do I contact first in case I have a problem?

A: You should approach your floor Resident Assistant in case you have any problems. 


Q: What should I do if I am late for curfew?

A: You should call your floor RA or security, however, there will be consequences.


Q: How long does it take to get to the Dorm from AUCA?

A: It takes 10-15 minutes depending on traffic conditions.


Q: Do I have a personal bathroom?

A: Depending on the room, either 4 people living in one room share one bathroom or 6-8 people living in two rooms share one bathroom.


Q: Can I leave the dorm for a night?

A: Yes, but you should inform an RA, complete a special form and sign in the Leave book on the Security desk.


Q: Is there a bus or any other transport from the Dorm to the University?

A: There are buses, minibusses, and taxis going to AUCA. AUCA offers shuttle in the evening time. 


Q: Are there facilities for studying?

A: Yes, there is a computer lab and a study room. Also, books on different subjects are provided in the TV room.


Q: What kind of facilities will be provided?

A: There are a fridge and microwave oven on each floor, and in the kitchen, there are stoves for cooking.


Q: Will there be a cafeteria at the dorm?

A: No, there is no cafeteria but you will be able to cook on your own in the kitchen.


Q: Are there cafeterias near the dorm?

A: Yes, there are several cafeterias 5-10 minutes away from the dorm.


Q: Will there be a cleaning person (staff)?

A: Yes there will be cleaning personnel, but they will clean only common areas such as the corridors, hall, stairs, and kitchen.


Q: Is there a gym?

A: No, there is no gym in the dorm.


Q: Is there medical staff?

A: No. There are several medical kits, which you may request from RAs, and you may also contact AUCA Medical office anytime.


Q: What about nearby entertainment?

A: Near the dorm, there are several cafes, a karaoke club, and the entertainment center Cosmo Park.


Q: Where is the nearest bazaar?

A: The nearest bazaar is Orto-Sai bazar, which is 10-15 minutes away by walking.


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