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The AUCA International Dormitory is a gathering place for the exchange of ideas and cultures. It also offers a safe and secure place for students to live and study. The AUCA International Dormitory welcomes up to 140 students each year and provides all needed facilities for students’ residence.

The AUCA International Dormitory is a separate building, which includes 4 living floors, the ground floor which includes the class and common zone, and the basement which includes the free zone, kitchen, and laundry.

The dormitory is located in the 6th Microdistrict, a residential area of Bishkek close to movie theaters, bowling, shopping, and the new AUCA Campus. The AUCA International Dormitory is equipped with a modern security system, HD cameras, an electronic locking system, and fire security systems. Students have full-time access to a wireless connection, laundry, study area, computer class, television, air conditioning systems, common space, kitchen, and a beautiful courtyard. The rooms are divided by doubles, triples and quadruples; the quantity of residents of the room is connected to the room size.

Dormitory administration practice Cultural Mix policy, which means that residents are placed together with representatives of different cultures and nations in order to initiate the development of language skills and the integration of international students to AUCA and Kyrgyzstani communities.

All residents are welcomed to participate in clubs and activities usually practiced in the AUCA International Dormitory. There is an opportunity to start an individual activity or a club to develop individually and socially.

Floor Resident Assistants are there to help students, to make orientation programs, discuss and address students' concerns and problems, both individually and in groups, assist in up-to-date activities and provide medical assistance. All concerns and questions can be addressed to RAs and the Dormitory coordinator.

All semester-long exchange students are required to live in the Dormitory.  Year-long exchange students may opt-out of the Dormitory in their second semester in favor of an apartment or homestay. 

Full-time international students, especially freshmen and students of the Preparatory Program are encouraged to live in the Dormitory to help them adjust to life in Bishkek and the demands of an AUCA education. Scholarship recipients whose housing fee is covered by Donors need to clarify the terms of the housing policy of their Grants with the Grants Office or Financial Aid office.

Please see here for the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about the AUCA Dormitory.


AUCA International Dormitory from American University of Central Asia



In 2017-2018 and 2018-19 Academic Years, the monthly price for rent for rooms is 190 USD per person for self-payers. 

If residents exceed their monthly or half-a-month stay, they will cover the daily fee for each day of extra residence in the amount of 10 USD


Important pages

Please visit page Policy and regulations of the AUCA Dormitory in order to be familiar with rules and regulations of the Dormitory. Please open the Score system table in order to get familiar with the score regulations of the Dormitory. 

Visit page Extracurricular activities and social life at AUCA Dormitory in order to see activities of the Dormitory residents.

Please be familiar with the presentation Guidelines for Surviving in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan by Kamilya Kadyrova to acknowledge basic skills of living in the city and in the commonplace like AUCA Dormitory.



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