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Aizana Arslanbekova: “During my studies in AUCA I challenged myself in different spheres to find out my strengths”
Aizana Arslanbekova, a senior student in Business Administration.During my studies at AUCA, I challenged myself in different spheres to discover my strengths; however, it was not enough to see my potential.
Aidana Mukanbetkalieva: “AUCA's foundation played a crucial role in preparing me for this adventure.”
I'm Aidana Mukanbetkalieva, and I'm excited to share my incredible exchange semester journey with you! I'm a senior student majoring in Economics at AUCA, and I recently had the privilege of spending a transformative semester in the city that never sleeps: New York!

The decision to participate in this exchange was driven by my desire to expand my horizons and gain a global perspective before stepping into the professional world.
Zharkynai Maratbek kyzy: "Thank you Auca and OSUN for the great opportunity"
My name is Zharkynai Maratbek kyzy, and I am a fourth-year student majoring in Business Administration. I decided to participate in the exchange program because I wanted to immerse myself in a different culture and gain a broader perspective on the world, plus of course Networking and building international connections.
Sezim Askarbekova'23: "My years at AUCA were a journey of self-discovery, learning, and growth!"
My journey at the American University of Central Asia has been a significant chapter in my life, and I'm delighted to share more about my experiences. I am Sezim Askarbekova, a proud member of the class of 2023, and I pursued a major in Anthropology and International Development.
Zhamilia Toktosunova: "Anything can be the source of your inner strength and tomorrow's success"
My name is Toktosunova Zhamilia, and I am a fourth-year student majoring in the Anthropology Department. I aspire to pursue osteoarchaeology in the future that is why I chose AUCA to get my education. In 2022, I was admitted to the SUSI program.
Amanda Kadyrbekova: "I'm really grateful and want to give a big thanks to the NGA program at AUCA, which was the start of my journey."
I'm Amanda Kadyrbekova, a dedicated fourth-year student pursuing a major in the Journalism department. Reflecting on my academic journey, one remarkable milestone stands out—the Global UGRAD program, a transformative experience that unfolded during the fall semester of 2022.
Aikokul Tashpulatova: “I am truly grateful for AUCA for providing such fantastic exchange opportunities”
I am Aikokul Tashpulatova, a fourth-year student at the Department of Software Engineering. Embarking on a journey of a lifetime, I had the incredible privilege to immerse myself in the vibrant world of student life abroad through OSUN, a renowned and unique exchange program at AUCA.
Alima Isabekova: "Participating in an exchange semester at IÉSEG in Paris was a transformative experience that exceeded my expectations."
Participating in an exchange program offers numerous benefits, such as cultural immersion, personal growth, and academic enrichment. The decision to participate in an exchange semester in Paris was driven by my desire to experience a new culture, enhance my language skills, broaden my perspectives, and develop a global network.
Dinislam Almazbekov: "I deem this semester to be successful– I experienced growth along with challenges and revelations about it."
The decision to participate in BGIA was driven by the fact that I could study and intern for academic credit in the centre of New York City (the first thing to come to mind when you think of the ‘American dream’).
Ibragim Khasanza: “Studying abroad taught me the importance of believing in myself and being open to new opportunities.”
Ibragim Khasanza shared his experience studying in the United States of America through the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program. UGRAD is a fully-funded academic and cultural exchange program that is designed to increase participants' knowledge and global connectivity. The selection process is highly competitive. Ibragim was among 5 selected students from all over the Kyrgyzstan. In this interview, Ibragim talked about his journey, hardships, and great experiences. 

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