American University of Central Asia - AUCA - Elective courses for Technology specialisation

Elective courses for Technology specialization


BA students with a specialization in Technology will take four elective courses from the following list:

  1. Art and Technology (DIG/TCMA) 
  2. Black Mirror: Navigating the Digital World (HUM/SS/TCMA)
  3. Central Asian Social Medias (DIG/JMC)
  4. Cross-cultural Communication in the Age of Google-Translate (ANTH)
  5. Culture and Technology in Japan (ANTH)
  6. Digital Dystopias: Dystopian and Apocalyptic Literature, Television, and Film (SYS/HUM/ART/TCMA)
  7. Digital Histories (DIG)
  8. Digital Humanities (SYS/HUM/ART/SS)
  9. Digital Literacy (COM/HUM)
  10. Facebook, Urban Life and Youth Culture (ANTH)
  11. Media, Memory, and History (SYS/HUM/ART/SS/TCMA)
  12. Media, Society, Culture (JOUR/SOC/ART)
  13. Modern Technology and Multidisciplinary Approach in Archaeology (ANTH)
  14. Rock Art of Eurasia (ANTH)
  15. Technologies of the Past: Prehistoric to Medieval (ANTH)

In addition to these electives, students with specialization in Anthropology and Technology will take five courses for their Technological block. Depending on their interests and individual consultations with relevant departments they can take courses in the following programs:

Software Engineering* 

  1. Algorithms and Data Structures (COM) 
  2. Computer Architecture (COM)
  3. Introduction to Software Engineering and Informatics (COM)
  4. Object Oriented Programming (COM)
  5. Operating Systems (COM)

Environmental and Urban Studies

  1. Advanced Tools for Planners and Designers (EUS)
  2. Geographic Information Systems (EUS)
  3. Applied GIS for Urban Analysis (EUS)

Journalism and Mass Communication and TV, Cinema and Media Arts**

  1. 3D Design and Animation (TCVA/JMC/COM)
  2. 3D Animation and Special effects for TV and Film (TCVA) 
  3. Graphic Design (JMC/COM)
  4. Graphic Design of TV and Film (TCVA)
  5. Intro to TV and Cinema Techniques 1,2 (TCVA)
  6. Multimedia Skills (Video/Audio) (JOR/TCVA)

* Students who take five courses in Software engineering can take two more elective courses in the same department and fulfill the requirements of a Software Engineering minor. 

** Students who take many courses from the JMC or TCMA programs might consider taking a few more basic courses and doing a minor in these programs. 

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