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Let us Dream Together


Initial situation / problem statement

Students of rural areas face serious issues during the transition from primary to high school. The main problems are the lack of information, support, and motivation to study in universities and colleges.


Target Group

Students of 9, 10, 11 grades can get valuable information from our meeting. We decided to concentrate our project on students who can further make decisions independently and change their lives.


Goal Statement

Our goal is to support 70 students from the rural school in Mukur village in the Jalal-Abad region during their transition from high school to university by conducting the meeting with them and

Giving first-hand information and consultations about universities and professional & technical schools (ПТУ)
Motivating them by providing with resources of self-education (English language books, ОPT books) and self-development (sharing success stories)
Supporting them during the admission process to universities by providing them with brochures with necessary information about Bishkek, and a “support group” of volunteers at each university and college who will support enrollees in preparation of documents until the moment they enter the university or technical & professional schools.


Resources and responsibilities

As a primary resource of the project, there should be a team of 6 members. Responsibilities:

1) Tolgonai: cooperation with universities and the Center for Educational Assessment and Teaching methods (ОРТ), budget, purchase of equipment, program of the day of the event.

2) Aisha: cooperation with technical & professional schools, agreement with the school in Mukur, preparation of transportation and accommodation.

3) Other 4 members will assist Aisha and Tolgonai during all the preparation processes.


Partnerships and cooperation

The team will cooperate with local universities and technical & professional schools. Also we will work with the Center for Educational Assessment and Teaching methods (ОРТ). We are going to cooperate with the school administration in Mukur, they can provide us with the place of the event. Also local activists who can help us with the organization part in Mukur.



We need money for traveling, accommodation, food, equipment, and wireless communication. Total cost will be approximately 460 USD.


Timeframe and milestones

18-21 Oct. 2017- To gather the team and work out the program

22 Oct.-4 Nov. 2017- Cooperation and agreement with universities and gathering information

16-17 Nov. 2017 –Purchase of equipment

17 Nov. 2017 – Departure from Bishkek to Mukur (11 hours)

18 Nov.2017 – Day of the event

19 Nov.2017- Departure from Mukur to Bishkek (11 hours)


Contact information

Aisha Sultanbekova –

Shukurbekova Tolgonai –

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