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Every year the American University of Central Asia announces the “Stream” talent competition among high-school students and young people of Kyrgyzstan for winning three four-year education scholarships to study at AUCA. All young citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who are under 22 years old can submit their candidacy for the competition by the next categories: Vocal, Dance, and Original Genre. 


Download the Regulation (PDF) (in russian).



on holding an annual vocal and artistic contest for young talents “Stream” among final-year students of secondary schools in Kyrgyzstan, as well as young people under 22 years old who have a certificate of secondary education, citizens of Kyrgyzstan, for winning scholarships to study at AUCA   


The American University of Central Asia, jointly with the Education Department of the Bishkek City Hall, is holding a traditional artistic contest for young talents among high school graduates and young people of Kyrgyzstan.


  • 1st round - January 24 to January 28, 2022 
  • 2nd round - January 31, 2022 
  • 3rd round Final – February 14, 2022 

Participants who qualify for 2nd round will be notified by email between January 29-30, 2022.                                                                                                             


  • 1st round - online
  • 2nd and 3rd round – New AUCA Building, Events Hall (#440)


1. General Provisions 
  • The event aims to identify and support creative young people. Their further improvement of gift for theatrics runs within the framework of AUCA extracurricular activities, in particular the Musical Student Theatre, in case they are admitted. The “Stream” contest is one of the University's social projects. This is another opportunity to get an education at AUCA for talented people who are not able to pay for their education in full.
  • The vocal and artistic contest for young talents is a step-by-step selection of participants with artistic ability. The "artistic talents" include vocal, dance, original genre and other genres of stage art.
  • The Education Department of the Bishkek City Hall assists AUCA in disseminating information about the contest to schools. The AUCA Student Life Office has overall responsibility for organizing and holding the contest.
  • Information about the contest is available on the official AUCA website, on Facebook (AUCA Students “AUCA students), on Instagram @studlife_auca 
  • Winners and finalists are awarded with certificates. Three first-place winners qualify for scholarships.
  • If the winners do not pass the admission exam, AUCA may offer them free preparatory courses. Upon their completion they may retake the exam so that they can exercise their scholarship eligibility.


2. Participants
    • Participants of the contest are citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic - students of schools of the Kyrgyz Republic in 11th grade only. They must produce a certificate from the school and a document confirming their citizenship.
    • Persons no older than full twenty-two years, citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, who provide a civil passport and a secondary education certificate can participate in the contest.
    • Participants take part in the contest only if they agree with the rules of the contest stipulated in this Regulation.
  • A contestant has the right to take part in the contest no more than once. (A contestant's participation for the second time is considered on a case-by-case basis, and is allowed by special decision of the Jury, drawn up in a protocol. Only those who participated in final round of the contest in the previous years are subject to consideration. In this case the contestant will be admitted immediately to the second round. The initiative for a special decision may come from either the contestant himself or from the Jury).


3. Terms of the Contest 
  • After the qualifying 1st round no more than 20 participants remain, regardless of genres. Finalists are selected through the 2nd round, after which at least 10 finalists remain, where 3 winners will be determined, who will share 3rd, 2nd and 1st places. 
  • 1st round is held online. Participants must record a video (song/dance/original genre) and send it to: marked Stream Contest 2022. The length of the video should not exceed 2 minutes. Video quality does not matter. Attach a copy of passport, certificate of education or copy of secondary education and fill out the required Google form! 
  • The contest is held "live". For vocalists, soundtracks with the voice of the participants are not accepted, for participants of the original genre and dancers, any soundtrack is allowed (if it is included in the concept of the number).
  • Vocalist participants are not allowed to use electronic professional instrumental music accompaniment (band), it is necessary to perform with a professional arrangement (backing track), accompaniment of "live" (live) instruments or a cappella.
  • In the first round, the vocalists will need to perform one verse with refrain of any composition without musical accompaniment. For the second round, it is necessary to have one song composition with a soundtrack (backing track) without vocals recorded. For the 3rd round, the participants should have 2 song compositions (backing track without vocals recorded).
  • Dancers in the first round must perform a solo of any direction/style, lasting no more than 1 minute (a fragment of a dance is possible). In the second round a solo dance should be performed for no more than 3 minutes. In the third round dancers must perform two dances of different styles. Partner dances are not allowed in all rounds.
  • In the first round, participants of the original genre must perform a solo (fragment) lasting no more than 1 minute. In the second round, a solo lasting no more than 5 minutes should be performed. In the third round, two numbers should be performed with a total duration of no more than 9 minutes.
  • The style, language of the dance/song does not matter.  


4. Commission
  • In the first round there works a Commission consisting of Student Life Office staff. The person in charge is the AUCA art manager.
  • In the second and third rounds, the Commission consists of the University staff involved in organizing AUCA cultural events in one way or another, AUCA alumni related to music and stage activities and (if possible) professional performers, directors, producers of Bishkek and the Kyrgyz Republic as a whole. The AUCA art manager is responsible for setting up the Commission.
  • The Selection Commission reserves the right to assist in the selection of musical works and their staging for the applicants who make it to the final round.
  • The winner and awardees in the final (third) round are determined by the number of votes cast by the members of the Jury. In the case when several participants get the same number of votes, the winners are determined by consensus of the Jury.
  • No complaints about the Commission's decision will be accepted or considered. 
  • Final Voting Minutes, signed by the members of the Vote counting staff and the Chair of the Commission, shall be submitted to the Financial Aid.


5. Awarding
  • The participant who takes the 1st place receives a certificate confirming a 100% discount for study at AUCA. The certificate can be realized only if the participant is admitted to the University according to the exams passed.
  • The participant who takes the 2nd place receives a certificate confirming a 100% discount for study at AUCA. The certificate can be realized only if the participant is admitted to the University according to the exams passed.
  • The participant who takes the 3rd place receives a certificate confirming a 100% discount for study at AUCA. The certificate can be realized only if the participant is admitted to the University according to the exams passed.
  • All finalists of the contest are awarded with prizes and certificates of participation. 

For questions about organizing and holding the contest, contact the Student Life Office at:


  1. When deciding on the winners, the Jury, all other things being equal, gives preference to participants who have a higher level of English (the decision is based on personal conversations with the participants and their writing a short essay in English before the second round), and also takes into account the social factor.
  2. The winners of the Contest admitted to AUCA, remain eligible for a scholarship if:


а) They actively participate in University cultural events scheduled on the Academic Calendar at the invitation of the AUCA art director, as well as in the AUCA Student Musical Theatre, throughout the entire period of study.

  1. b) In case of a violation of paragraph "a", the AUCA art director has the right to write a memo to the Financial Aid requesting to withdraw the scholarship.
  2. c) In case of a violation of paragraph "a" for a good reason (illness, family circumstances, etc.) the scholarship will not be withdrawn.
  3. d) In case one of the winners during the first semester of study leaves the University due to any circumstances (move, expulsion, etc.), the Jury has the right to apply for the transfer of the scholarship to any finalist at the discretion of the Jury, starting from the second semester.
  4. e) In case of poor academic performance, the participants of the scholarship program are expelled on general grounds.

All additions and changes to this Regulation must be approved by the AUCA President


Download the Regulation (PDF) (in russian).

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