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"South Youth Association" project


Initial Situation / Problem Statement

This project is a continuation of the project that took place in 2018, in the Arka Zone, a small part of the Batken region. Arka Zone has four villages: Jashtyk, Dostuk, Borborduk, and Arka. These villages are located along the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and are far away from the other villages of the region. Because of the remote location, all four villages of Arka Zone do not have NGOs or educational centers focused on improving students’ debate skills. Therefore, due to the lack of information and resources, students from Kyrgyzstan are not able to realize their goals and plans. 

Thanks to the SIDP fund, an inter-regional debate tournament among students from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan was organized. This project enhanced students’ debate skills in research, persuasion, argumentation, speaking and listening, and was held in the Russian language because it is a totally new thing for this region and has a significant role in choosing students from Tajikistan. 

The project took place in a border zone, where, unfortunately, more than 12 ethnic clashes have happened within a year. In other words, the relationship between the two nations is getting worse. People are dying and especially children of both countries, the most vulnerable part of society. Thus, to avoid some ethnic clashes in the future, Nurmukhamad Turkbaev decided  to continue his project via TOT (Training of Trainers). If the youth of the two nations are united, the next highest steps towards a peaceful future are made.


Target Group

In total, 24 students have been targeted: 12 students from Jashtyk village in Batken region, Kyrgyzstan, and 12 students (8-11 grades) from Isfara city, Tajikistan. Isfara is the closest city that is located near to the border zone.


Goal Statement

The primary goal is to advance the debate skills of students by conducting a three-day TOT workshop in Gymnasium №3, Arka Zone. The project is considered successful if:

  1. Kyrgyz students expand their debate club in Gymnasium #3 (starting to involve students of 5-7 grade classes as well).
  2. They organize inter-regional debate tournaments with the Sugd region in winter and with the Isfara city in spring. As a result, the friendship between the youths of the two nations is fostered and their experience is exchanged.



The first day is ‘Upgrading day’: a workshop on developing debate skills. Here, eight participants that have already reached a basic level of debate, learn more about debate from experienced coaches of Bishkek city. Main topics are about improving counter-argumentation skills, language using skills and public speaking skills.    

Second day is ‘Share it day’: TOT on debate continues from morning until the afternoon to make Kyrgyz students learn more about the debate. Since students from Tajikistan are at a higher level, they are to be mixed during a second day. There, more interactive activities throughout the day are held so that all participants from the two countries get to know each other closely. Mainly, the essence of the day is discussing ongoing border issues. 

Since there are 24 people, 4 mixed groups of 6 people are organized. Students have different types of tasks that require creative thinking and inventiveness. For instance, each team has historical information (A4 paper) about border issues. They have to present it in a creative way such as performance, song or with emotions. Afterward, they are given an hour to do research about border issues. They offer their solutions or ideas for fixing the current issues. Their work, ideas, and suggestions are evaluated by the expert, the head of the Anthropology Department at AUCA, Emil Nasridtinov. He has done several research works on border issues and migrants of Central Asia.      

Third day is ‘Debate Tournament’.


Resources and Responsibilities

The team has 4 people:

  1. Nurmukhamad Turkbaev (AUCA student, BA-118): program coordinator.
  2. Emil Nasridtinov (the head of the Anthropology Department at AUCA): expert.
  3. Saida: taking pictures, helping with overall organization and preparing 7 games for the three-day TOT workshop.
  4. Tilek (the head of Bishkek Debate Center): launching debate sessions.


Partnerships and Cooperation

NGA office: provide 20 copybooks, cups and pens to award active students.

The school administration of the Gymnasium №3: project venue.

AUCA Admissions Office: copy-books and magnates.

International Student Office: cups and t-shirts. 



SIDP covers all the main project-related expenses. 

In addition, fundraising in AUCA university, dormitory, and social media sites is organized in order to gather stationary, English-Russian grammar books and dictionaries.


Timeframe and Milestones

3-day workshops are held on November 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2019.


Contact Information

Nurmukhamad Turkbaev - 

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