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Double Major

A double major requires the approval of both relevant Program Chairs, and the VPAA. A student may apply for a second major only upon the successful completion of the first year of study. The entrance tests and other requirements necessary for admission to the second major will be determined by the relevant Program Coordinator.

Students approved to enroll in two programs must complete all course requirements for both majors, which will most likely require students to extend their graduation beyond four years.

Any courses required for both majors may be counted towards both. In a case of similar required courses, a student may petition the relevant Program Coordinator to have one course count towards both majors.

Students pursuing a double major are eligible to write one interdisciplinary senior thesis upon the approval of both programs. The approval shall include the choice of topic, methodology, and faculty supervision. The interdisciplinary senior thesis should meet the requirements of both majors, including length and format. Interdisciplinary senior thesis should have a minimum of 16,000 words and maximum of 19,000 words.



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