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Professional Experience


Academic Experience


American University of Central Asia, Bishkek,  Kyrgyzstan

Head, Division of  Economics and  Environmental  Studies          August,  2017 - present

Chair, Department of  Economics                            September,  2014 - present

Associate Professor, Department of  Economics          September,  2012 - present

Courses  taught:

  • Applied Econometrics
  • Migration and Development in Central Asia, Policy  Economic Impact  and Society
  • Senior Thesis Seminars I and II
  • Economics of the Firm
  • Mathematics for Economists
  • Economic Research Methods
  • Industrial Organization
  • Statistics
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Intermediate Microeconomics

Chair, Faculty Senate of AUCA   September,  2017 - present


OSCE Academy, Bishkek,  Kyrgyzstan

Teaching Research Fellow

Courses  taught:

  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Econometrics
  • Economic Effects of Migration
  • Statistics


Department of Economics, Weber State University, Ogden, Utah

Visiting Assistant Professor     August,  2011 - August  2012

Courses  taught:

  • Principles of Microeconomics, Fall 2011
  • Business Statistics I, Fall 2011, Spring 2012
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics, Spring 2012
  • Mathematical Economics, Spring 2012


Department of Economics, Old  Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia

Visiting Assistant Professor     July,  2010 - July 2011

Courses  taught:

  • Principles of Macroeconomics, Fall 2010, Spring, Summer 2011
  • Advanced Economics Analysis: Macroeconomics  (Graduate level),  Spring 2011


Department of Economics, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

Research Assistant       Fall 2009-Summer  2010
Triangle  Census Research  Data Center

Instructor   Summer  2009

Courses  taught:

  • Intermediate Macroeconomics

Teaching Assistant:       Fall 2008-Spring  2009

  • Macroeconomics Theory, Masters  Level, Spring 2009
  • Microeconomics Theory, Masters Level, Fall 2008
  • Intermediate Microeconomics, Summer 2008

Research Assistant       Fall 2005-Spring  2007

Research  Assistant for Professor  Charles Becker



Non-academic Experience


USAID: Building the  Future Research Grant, AUCA, Bishkek,  Kyrgyz  Republic

Households carbon footprint and  socio-economic patterns of  direct and  indi- rect carbon dioxide emission in  the  Kyrgyz Republic (with Rahat Sabyrbekov)

January  2019 - current


USAID: Building the  Future Research Grant, AUCA, Bishkek,  Kyrgyz  Republic

How do Post-secondary Students and  Employers in  Kyrgyzstan Prioritize Employable Skills? (with Tamo Chattopadhay)                

January  2019 - current


ADB Pro ject,  Bishkek,  Kyrgyz  Republic

Gender and  Development Expert             

Project:  Women’s Entrepreneurship Development              

August,  2016 - December,  2017


UN-Women Project,  Bishkek,  Kyrgyz  Republic

Analyst/Quality  Control Supervisor

Project:  Gender in Society  Perception  Study:  Women’s Economic Empowerment  Component

April,  2016 - September,  2016


UNDP Project,  Bishkek,  Kyrgyz  Republic

Project Leader              

Project:  Increasing  awareness on gender through the prizms of poverty-environment and biodiversity.

August,  2015 - December,  2015


UNDP Project,  Bishkek,  Kyrgyz  Republic

Primary Investigator                                                       

Project:  Gender issues  in accessing  natural resources  in Kyrgyzstan.

November,  2014 - December,  2014


International Monetary Fund, Washington,  DC USA

IMF Summer Intern                                                                                                  

Worked on the project  ”Public Investment in Developing countries:  Crowding in, Crowd- ing out or Both”,  Middle East and Central  Asia Department

Summer  2007


Oxford Policy Management, Bishkek,  Kyrgyz  Republic

Local Consultant                                                                                 

Project:   Statistical Capacity Building  in Support  of the Comprehensive  Development Framework, funded by the United Kingdoms Department  for International Development (DFID).

June,  2001 - August,  2002


Asian Development Bank, Bishkek,  Kyrgyz  Republic

Local Consultant                                                                             

Project:  Support  to the National  Strategy on Poverty Reduction.

September,  2000 - May,  2001


European Commission, TACIS Programme (Technical Aid to the Commonwealth of Independent States), Bishkek,  Kyrgyz  Republic


Project:   Long Term Scientific  Prognosis  of Social  and Economic Development  in Kyr- gyzstan.

August,  1999 - August,  2000



Publications and Working Papers


  • ”Transitions from dirty  to clean energy  in low-income countries:  insights  from Kyrgyzstan”,  2018, with Rahat  Sabyrbekov (accepted, Central  Asian Survey)
  • ”Gender  in Society  Perception  Study:  Women’s Economic Empowerment  Component”, 2017 UN-Women
  • ”Gender  Differences in Work and Wages in the Kyrgyz  Republic: an Economic Explanation”, with Kathryn Anderson
  • ”Desk  Review  of Research  on Gender  and  Environment” UNDP-UNEP Poverty and Environmental Initiative. Bishkek:  UNDP
  • ”Profile  of Kyrgyz  Labor Migrants”, working paper,  TSPC center,  AUCA
  • ”Migration, Remittances and Growth”  Fall 2011, (Revise and Resubmit,  Macroeconomic Dynamics)
  • ”Migration  and Remittances under Financial  Market Imperfections”, working paper, Fall 2011
  • ”Private Transfers  in Kyrgyzstan’s Post  Transition  Environment:  Results  from a New Household Panel  Dataset”, working paper  with Charles Becker  (under review)
  • ”Urban and Rural Living Standard Differentials in the Kyrgyz  Republic:  Why Does Any- one Remain  in the Country  Side”,  working paper  with Kathryn Anderson and Charles Becker
  • ”Demographic  Change in Transition  in Central  Asia:  A Case Study  of Marriage  in the Kyrgyz  Republic” working  paper  with  Kathryn Anderson,  Charles  Becker  and  Linda Carter
  • ”Public Investment in Developing countries:  Crowding in, Crowding out or Both”,  working paper  with David Grigorian
  • Gerstenberger, W., Ukueva,  N., Burzhubaev, T. ”Determinants of Final Demand Deflators”  Reforma  Nr.2(6), 2000, Bishkek,  Kyrgyz  Republic  pp.  56-61
  • Ukueva  N. ”The  External Debt Module”  Reforma  Nr.1(5),  2000, Bishkek,  Kyrgyz  Republic pp.  59-62
  • Mukashev,  K., Ukueva,  N. ”R&D sector in the Kyrgyz  Republic” Reforma  Nr.2(6), 2000, Bishkek,  Kyrgyz  Republic  pp.  48-49
  • Gerstenberger, W., and Ukueva,  N. ”Current Account  Balance  and Debt Risks”  Tacis ”Long Term Economic Perspectives  Scenarios  of Economic and Social Change”  Conference Proceedings,  June  2000, Bishkek,  Kyrgyz  Republic  pp.  111-118
  • Batyrkanov, Ukueva,  N. ”Monetary Policy  of the National  Bank and Its Impact  on the Economy of the Kyrgyz  Republic” Vestnik  KGUSTA 2001
  • ”Remittances, Labor  Supply  and  Unemployment:  Case of Tajikistan”, working  paper 2014 with Gulnora Suleymanova
  • ”Impact of International Migration  and  Remittances on Elderly  Parents Left Behind” work in progress  2014


Conference Presentations


  • CESS Annual Conference, University of Washington,  USA, Fall 2017
  • CESS Annual Conference, Princeton  University, USA, Fall 2016
  • Annual Conference of Southern  Economic Association  (83rd Annual Meetings),  Tampa, Florida,  USA, November  2013
  • Conference on Micro-Level Analysis  of Well-Being in Central Asia, Association  for Com- parative Economic Studies  (ACES), Berlin, Germany,  May 10-11, 2012.
  • Conference  on  Dynamics,  Economic  Growth  and  International Trade  (DEGIT-XVI), Saint-Petersburg, Russia,  September  2011.
  • Annual Conference of the Association  for Public  Economic Theory (PET11),  Blooming- ton, Indiana,  June,  2011.
  • American  Economic Association  - ASSA annual  meetings,  Denver,  Colorado,  January, 2011.
  • Western Economic Association  annual  meetings,  Portland, Oregon.  Co-authored paper.


Honors and Awards


  • USAID Building  the Future  Research  Grant
  • CERGE-EI Career Integration  Fellowships,  2015-2018
  • Akyl Tirek Award for Young Scientists,  Bishkek,  2014
  • HESP AFP Returning  Scholar Fellowship,  August,  2012-May 2015
  • Teaching  and Research  Fellowship,  OSCE Academy,  Bishkek Kyrgyzstan
  • Tuition Scholarship,  Economics Department, Duke University, 2006-2010
  • Summer Research  Fellowship for Graduate  Students,  Graduate  School, Duke University, Summer 2008
  • International Monetary  Fund:  Japan-IMF  Scholarship  for Advanced  Studies,  2004-2006
  • US Department  of State:  Edmund Muskie Graduate  Fellowship,  2002-2004
  • Diploma with highest honors (B.A., Economics),  KGUCTA, Kyrgyz  Republic,  1999
  • All American Scholar Collegiate Award and National Dean’s List Award for outstanding work and academic  achievements, USA, 1998
  • US Department  of State:  Future  Leaders Exchange  Fellowship,  1997-1998
  • Graduated with Gold Medal from Physics  and Mathematics High School-Lyceum N61
  • International Mathematical Olympiad,  Hong Kong, Honors Certificate, Summer 1994

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