American University of Central Asia - AUCA - Field study at the "Sary-Chelek" Biosphere Reserve

Field study at the "Sary-Chelek" Biosphere Reserve

June 28, 2022

On June 19-22, 2022, the department of Environmental Sustainability and Climate Science (ESCS) with the support of the Grant Office organized a field study for the ESCS students to the "Sary-Chelek" Biosphere Reserve in Jalal-Abad region. The purpose of the field study was to familiarize students with the "Sary-Chelek" Biosphere Reserve, its unique nature and biodiversity.

During the field study, the students explored various types of bushes, plants and walnut trees that play an important role in the ecosystem of the "Sary-Chelek" Biosphere Reserve and for local communities who use them for collection of nuts and fruits, as forest pastures and haymaking, and harvesting of firewood. At the same time, the students investigated the causes of forest degradation in the "Sary-Chelek" Biosphere Reserve, which is associated with pests and diseases.

At the end of the field study, the professors demonstrated water sampling for the students. Hence, the ESCS senior students took water samples for the laboratory analysis. The results of the water analysis will be used to write a diploma thesis by the senior students.

Student’s impressions:

Nalida Meisan, ESCS-120: "The trip to "Sary-Chelek" lake was productive. I was lucky to learn how the ecosystems of the mountain lakes of Kyrgyzstan are arranged, what measures are being taken to protect them (the organization of a biosphere reserve in this region, as an example) and, of course, to see the indescribable beauty of the nature of Kyrgyzstan with my own eyes - mountains, forests and rivers. Our university organizes such trips to help environmental students to be more aware of what they are doing and to be more involved in their work".

Rasul Matisakov, ESCS-121: "This trip was special because the group and I tirelessly admired the natural landscapes of our country during the ride, where we observed various climatic periods. "Sary-Chelek" opened up to me from the other side, with a more extensive and richer ecosystem. The professors shared their knowledge and together we explored the surroundings of the lakes, where we did a water sampling. After the trip, I got interested in everything, how to preserve it for us and pass it on to future generations in its original form. Finally, I express my sincere gratitude to the professors for organizing this trip and the participants with whom we shared the joy of the journey".

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