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Q: What was the best class in NGA? Why?

A: All classes were interesting for me because we had a good opportunity to learn new knowledge in every class. On the other hand, the best class was English for Academic Purposes: Reading and Writing class that we were doing presentations. Our professor taught us the main assests of presentation and taught us how to use successfully presentation skills in  class. We learnt how to present, ask questions and answer and practice delivering different types of public speeches.

Q: What did you learn from NGA and how will you use your knowledge received in NGA in your life?

A: I fully got prepared for the university and improved my writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills in NGA. This one-year preparatory program helped me not only in educational way but also it changed me mentally. I became more hard-working, sociable and friendly. I learnt to think critically, analytically and logically. By having these knowledges and characters I think I can easily adjust to the university life. 

Q: In three words what is NGA for you?

A: NGA is a winning ticket to life. 

Q: Why  should students study in NGA? Who so they need to study?

A: School students want to continue their studies in the university after finishing their schools. They want to study in the university where they can get high-quality education. Therefore, NGA gives good chances for students to get ready for the prestiges universities in Kyrgyzstan. Also, NGA is seamless bridge from school to the university, while going on that bridge we can think about our future profession because I know how it's difficult for students to choose future profession. In a year after finishing NGA, they will exactly know which profession is better for them. In addition, NGA provides with financial aid for students according to their family situation. NGA chooses 70 students from all regions and pay for their one-year studies, accommodation and food.  It is a great chance to those who want to study in the best university of Kyrgyzstan, even though they do not have opportunity to pay for their studies.

Q: What is your favorite NGA memory?

A: In NGA I had many wonderful memories. For example, dancing in flash mobs, performing in talent show and participating in our New Year party. I think every NGA student has their own favorite memory which happened in one year and my favorite one is the day when I became the best student of the year. It was one of the happiest and the best day of my NGA life.

Q: What does this mean for you to be NGA Alumni?

A: For me to be NGA Alumni means to take responsibility for the present NGA students, help them in their studies, and to recommend  for school-leavers to study in this great program. 

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