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Enver Atamanov


Applied Mathematics and Informatics Department

Division of Applied Sciences


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Room: 415

  1. An Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics (eng)
  2. An introduction to probability and statistics
  3. Basics of Algebra, Geometry and Analysis (eng)
  4. College-Mathematics
  5. Intro to Contemporary Mathematics I
  6. Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics (rus)
  7. Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics I
  8. Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics II
  9. Mathematical analysis I (eng)
  10. Mathematics for Business and Economics I
  11. Mathematics for Humanitarian Sciences
  12. Mathematics for life (eng)

1980 - Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (PhD), Siberian branch of the USSR Academy of Science
1971 - Mathematician, Teacher on mathematics, Kyrgyz State University

Enver Atamanov obtained his PhD degree in Physical and Mathematical Sciences from Siberian branch of the USSR Academy of Science. His areas of research include nonclassical and inverse problems for pseudoparabolic equations. Enver Atamanov has published extensively and has more than 80 publications with several of them published in Japan and the Netherlands. He has been teaching for 40 years in different universities of the Kyrgyz Republic. He joined American University in 2000. He teaches mathematics and statistics to students from the social science division. His goal is make learning mathematics a fun process.

2006- International conference on inverse problems for pseudoparabolic equations
2000 -Research on classical and inverse problems for pseudoparabolic equations. Mathematical
congress devoted to 100 years from birth of M. Lavrentiev, Novosibirsk.

Ill-posed problems of mathematical physics.

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