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AUCA Medical Service Office provides the following services to the AUCA community:

  • Medical consultations + providing medicines when necessary
  • Physiotherapy services (ultrahigh-frequency therapy, far ultraviolet, inhalation therapy, Amplipulse, ultrasonic therapy)
  • Emergency medical care
  • Arranging fluorography for students, faculty, and staff;
  • Monitoring the students who have been held at the dispensary with diseases;
  • Arranging examinations of students by specialist doctors in outside medical clinics;

In case it is necessary, the AUCA therapist recommends the University students turn to doctors of the subspecialties of a special polyclinic according to the “Agreement on the provision of paid medical services”.

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 What else Medical Service Office does:

  • Collect, record, and register medical documents submitted by students, staff, and partners as required by AUCA;
  • Issue sick leave certificates to non-resident and foreign students (when they apply to the Medical Service Office immediately at the beginning of the illness and if its duration is less than seven days);
  • Monitor the appropriate treatment for a student who is ill. A student who is ill may be admitted to class only after all necessary medical documentation has been submitted to the Medical Service Office, certifying that the student is healthy and able to start classes;
  • Confirm compliance documents received from physicians and specialists of health care organizations;
  • Comply with the life safety rules by the AUCA community established in its territory;
  • Inform students, faculty, and staff about prophylaxis activities and other medical events;
  • Monitor compliance with the hygiene regime at the university;
  • Work on health education, including organizing studies on the prevention of infectious and parasitic diseases;
  • Organize and conduct anti-epidemic and preventive prophylaxis measures to prevent the spread of infectious and parasitic diseases at the University;
  • Collaborate with other medical health specialists and participate in activities conducted by other medical institutions devoted to health issues.


The objectives of the Medical Service Office are:

  • to protect and promote the health of students, faculty members, and staff of the University;
  • to conduct medical and health measures;
  • to implement systematic medical monitoring of morbidity of students, faculty, and staff members;
  • to monitor the implementation of sanitary norms and rules in the institution of education, including the food service at the University.




If you have any questions, please contact the Medical Service Office.


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