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Mission and Learning Outcomes


The IBL Undergraduate Program Mission

The mission of the IBL Program is to educate a new generation of lawyers in Central Asia through a program with a focus on independent, analytical learning and practical skill-building. The Program provides high-quality bachelor-level legal education in international law and business law spheres. We make every effort to fulfill our mission by offering students the curriculum which combines the best of international and national intellectual traditions.


The IBL Undergraduate Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the IBL Program should have the following competencies:

  1. carry out professional activities in good faith on the basis of developed legal consciousness, legal thinking, and legal culture and with an observation of ethical principles of the legal profession;
  2. apply professional judgment, perform quality legal analysis, conduct legal research, and solve legal problems;
  3. be able to speak and write in an argumentative, logical, and clear way in the legal context, have skills necessary to draft legal documents, be fluent in the English language at the level of professional communication;
  4. draft normative legal acts and carry out their legal expertise in the field of professional activity;
  5. interpret and apply substantive and procedural norms, provide qualified legal opinions and consultations in concrete types of legal activity;
  6. demonstrate leadership qualities, active citizenship, take and develop initiatives aimed at the promotion of civil society and welfare state;
  7. understand the essence and significance of information in the development of modern society and law, master the basic methods of working with information and information technologies in the professional sphere.

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