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Extracurricular Activities and Events


The ICP Department organizes various extracurricular activities aimed at further development of essential learning, communication and civic skills among its students.


  • Annual International Crisis Games

In the Annual International Crisis Games, students simulate a modern-day crisis situation. 

Past topics included: Afghanistan (2012), SouthEast Asia (2013), Central Asia (2014). Ukraine (2015), Syria (2016), East Asia (2018), Middle East (2019), Russia-Ukraine War (2022).

HERE is the LINK on the web-page dedicated to Annual International Crisis Games.



  • Student Success Workshops 

Organized annually, the workshops are particularly designed to develop a range of skills, such as writing, research, effective learning, stress management, in and out of the classroom. These workshops aim to help ICP students to sharpen their writing and thinking, and study skills. 

    • 2022: Writing in Political and Social Sciences, Developing Effective Study Skills, and Well-Being Management.   
    • 2021: Effective Study Skills, Methods of Data Collection and Analysis in Political Science, and Writing in Political Science.  



  • ICP Ambassadorial Talks 

The talks host ambassadors and foreign diplomats based in Bishkek and willing to share their takes on various issues relating to international relations, diplomacy, and bi-later relations. 


Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to the Republic of Kazakhstan, H.E. Toomas Tirs


Charles Garrett OBE, Her Majesty's Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic (UK)


  • ICP Students Research Forum
    • It is held annually in early spring where students can present their research in progress and get peer feedback.
    • It is aimed at ICP seniors primarily, but any political science student in Bishkek can take part in it.



  • Student led research projects 

Student led research projects aim at developing writing and research skills among students required in designing and implementing projects which may also have a potential for wider civic education and engagement. These projects are run under the guidance of faculty and contribute to promoting data collection by students which can benefit project stakeholders as well as for other scholars. In the past, students collected data on political elite and elections in Kyrgyzstan, which they have further employed as empirical bases of evidence for their undergraduate theses. One of the recent projects is Central Asian Political History (click here), which effectively traced oral histories of “Perestroika” in Kyrgyzstan and was entirely undertaken by the students as they hold interviews and conducted archival research. 



  • "Life After ICP" Series of Talks
      • It aims at broadening the understanding of students about their career prospects after graduation.
      • Invited ICP alumni give talks about their life paths and share their tips for a successful career.



Policy and Civic Engagement Activities

The ICP Department engages its students, faculty and alumni into various activities to facilitate further professional growth and contribute to the promotion of public goods of their communities. 

The following initiatives are undertaken at the department:


  • Panorama Politics Club

Panorama Politics Club was founded in 2019 by alumni and faculty of the Department to discuss and examine important political and social issues in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. To the end, it hosts regular roundtables, commissions short policy and political analysis briefs to be prepared by its students, faculty and department associates. It is a series of briefs on Kyrgyzstan’s important social and political issues. More information about the club is available HERE.


  • Development Clinic

Development Clinic is the civic engagement initiative of the Department. It aims at facilitating the enhancement of civic engagement skills by the department’s students. Students in the past were designing and implementing education programs at the municipal center for homeless children, developing environmental and other initiatives. The Clinic works by facilitating students organizing their initiatives which aim to address social issues in communities around the campus. Besides, the Clinic partners with non-profit organizations where students can be placed as volunteers/interns and gain valuable civic engagement and project management experience.

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