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Brain Ring is a tournament for schoolchildren from Kyrgyzstan, New Generation Academy of the American University of Central Asia, and Technical School of Innovation where three finalists receive a prize of 100%, 80%, and 75% of tuition fees. Brain Ring is part of AUCA's financial assistance policy, which allows exceptionally talented students, especially from needy families, to get the opportunity to study at AUCA.  

In order to enjoy the Brain Ring Scholarship, it is not enough to be one of the winners of the Game - you need to enroll at AUCA. You can find details in the Regulation.


Regulation on holding the traditional spring Brain Ring tournament among high  school students of secondary educational schools in Bishkek and the regions of  the Kyrgyz Republic, New Generation Academy of the American University of  Central Asia, and Technical School of Innovation for the AUCA Cup


The American University of Central Asia holds the traditional AUCA Spring Brain Ring Cup among schoolchildren of Bishkek and the regions of the Kyrgyz Republic. The main purpose of the event is to reach out to high school students in the Republic, to familiarize high school students with global and American history and culture, and spread information about the University as well.


1. Goals and Objectives

1.1 Prepare students for university exams, intellectual training;
1.2 Identify the best school graduates and work with them to join the AUCA;
1.3 Indirectly advertise the University through an innovative approach to the AUCA admission campaign;
1.4 Identify the best school graduates in order to encourage them to study at AUCA through financial support.

2. General Provisions

2.1 The Brain Ring game is an intellectual duel between two teams;
2.2 The Brain Ring game for the AUCA Cup among schoolchildren of Kyrgyzstan (only citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic) is held once a year in the spring months;
2.3 The participants of the game are 11th grade students of schools of the Kyrgyz Republic (only citizens of Kyrgyzstan);
2.4 AUCA takes full responsibility for organizing and holding the Brain Ring game and awarding the winners;
2.5 Information about the game is available on the AUCA official website and social networks. The information is also sent to the Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Department of Secondary Education Management of Bishkek.

3. Teams, Participants, and Terms

3.1 During the academic year, 11th grade students are tested;
3.2 Testing takes place at AUCA;
3.3 The terms of testing are determined annually by the organizing committee and are communicated to school administrations;
3.4 The eight best schools according to testing results take part in the final Brain Ring round. There are five participants in each team;
3.5 In addition, 50 high school students are invited, who, according to the results of testing, showed the 50 best personal results. They take part in interactive, intellectual games with the audience; 3.6 Each team consists of five people, including a captain, who is elected by the team; 3.7 Each team participating in the game should have its own distinguishing sign. Such a sign can be the same uniform of the participants or some element of clothing (headscarf, bandana, T-shirt, cap,
3.8 Teams have the right to invite from 10 or more fans to the game, depending on the venue.

4. Organizations and Persons Responsible for Holding the Contest

4.1 Admissions and Student Life Office are responsible for the pre-testing of participants;
4.2 Admissions and Student Life Office organize and hold the Final Game;
4.3 Academic departments offer questions for the Final Game;
4.4 The AUCA art director is responsible for organizing and holding the Final Game. He also takes responsibility for compiling the final list of questions and opens the sealed envelope with the questions just before the start of the game. (Thus, the possible uncontrolled disclosure of information about the final list of questions through other persons is excluded).

5. Terms and Conditions of the Final Game 

5.1 Games are played by the “play-off” system;
5.2 The Brain Ring game involves 8 teams, 5 people each. 2 teams play at the same time in one round;
5.3 The selection of finalists takes place by holding the ¼-final, ½-final and the final, where the winning team will be determined;
5.4 The opponents are determined by drawing lots, in which the team captains participate; 5.5 The game is played up to 4 points (in semi-finals - up to 5, in finals - up to 6); The first team to score 4, 5, 6 points advances to the next round;
5.6 One minute is given to discuss the question asked. The team that has the ready answer should give a signal. The signal is the lighting of a light bulb (instructions on how to use the bulb are given on the spot);
5.7 The team that lit the lamp is the first to answer the question. In case of an incorrect answer or a false start, the right to answer passes to another team which is allowed to discuss for 20 seconds; 5.8 If both teams answer incorrectly, the next question "costs" 2 points, if the answer is wrong again - 3 points, etc;
5.9 All questions to which the participants of the game, who are on stage during the team game can not find answers, go to the audience. Team members who are not currently participating in the game on stage and schoolchildren who have received a personal invitation have the right to answer them. Their seats in the audience are separated from the spectators by a buffer zone. Each participant has three personal cards (three opportunities to participate in the game), on which he/she writes the answers. If the answer is correct, he/she gets 1 personal point and an additional card, i.e. the right to answer. If the answer is wrong, the participant loses the card (i.e. one right to answer the question). 20 seconds are given to fill out the card; the Areopagus, with the help of volunteers, determines the participant, who came up with the correct answer during the team game on the stage. This participant also gets a point in the contest to advance to the final round.
5.11 The 12 participants who scored the most points are invited to the stage to take part in the final round.
5.12 In some cases, the Areopagus may slightly change the number of participants in the final round. For each correct answer in this round (the Areopagus determines the person who answers based on the principle - who raised his hand first), the participant gets the right to take a step on the next track. There are 6 tracks in all. In case the participant answers incorrectly, he/she takes a step back. If the participant makes two mistakes on the last track, he/she is disqualified; 5.13 The winner is the one who first reached the 6th, red track. The participants who took 2nd and 3rd places are determined in the same way.

6. Supervisory Commission (Areopagus)

6.1 The Supervisory Commission (the Areopagus) of at least 7 members consists of faculty members, Admissions, Financial Aid and Student Life Office staff, and a representative of the Student Senate;
6. Student Life Office has responsibility for setting up the Areopagus;
6.3 The Areopagus confirms the winners of the qualifying rounds and approves the winners of the game;
6.4 In case of disputes (false start, correct answers, etc.) the Areopagus reserves the right to make the final decision;
6.5 After the game is over and the Areopagus approves the results, no objections of the participants are accepted and have no effect on the result of the game;

7. Awarding

7.1 Each team receives a certificate from the American University of Central Asia for participation in the Brain Ring Contest;
7.2 The winning team receives the AUCA Brain Ring Winner Cup and the corresponding diploma; 7.3 The second-place team receives the small cup of the Vice-champion and a diploma; 7.4 Participants who reach the Main Personal Final (10-12 participants) receive certificates of finalists;
7.5 Winners of the Personal Final Round receive personal certificates, which, if admitted to AUCA, guarantee them for…
3rd place - 75% tuition fee discount for 8 semesters of study at AUCA
2nd place - 80% discount for 8 semesters of study at AUCA
1st place - 100% discount for 8 semesters of study at AUCA
The basic condition is that their GPA during the entire period of study will be no less than 2.7 and under the condition of active participation in the extracurricular life of the university (determined by the Student Life Office)
A complete list of scholarship conditions is available from the Student Life

Office Notes:

* For questions about organizing and holding the Final Game, contact the AUCA Student Life  Office at 915 000 ext. (251) or (253)

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