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KICB electronic payment terminal


Being in Kyrgyz Republic, you can make a donation using KICB electronic payment terminals (cash-in terminals), located throughout the country.

Cash-in terminals availibity and their placement you can find HERE on the web page of KICB bank.

To make a payment using KICB cash-in terminal you will need to enter your Account Number


Account Number

If you are:

AUCA alumni, please use your AUCA ID number. It is your account number.

If your ID number is less than 100, please insert one 0 before your ID. For example your ID is 18, please enter 018. If ID number is less than 10, please use two 00. 

If you forgot the AUCA ID number, please contact with Alumni Relations Office.


AUCA faculty or staff member,  please use your AUCA account number. 

If you forgot your AUCA account number, please contact with Fundraising office or HR.


AUCA Friend, you need to contact Fundraising Office, to get a personal Account Number. 

This number can be used for donations to AUCA on a permanent basis.



Procedure for making a donation


1. Select Other Services (Прочие услуги)


2. Choose Payments to educational institutions (Платежи в учебные заведения)


3. Choose AUCA


4. Choose Support/AUCA Fund or ALUMNI FUND


5. If you selected AUCA FUND, please indicate a priority 

(click on the item on the right side of a screen)

Click NEXT (Далее >)


6. Enter your account number (please read about account numbers above)

Click NEXT (Далее >)


7. Please enter the sum for donation.

Click NEXT (Далее >)


8. Please check that your name and sum for donation are correct.

Click Right (ВЕРНО) to confirm your payment.


You will receive a check. Please keep it. 


Please email the AUCA Fundraising Office (fundrasing@auca.kg) or call at +(996) 312 91 50 00 + Ext. 104 about your donation, to inform the University of the transfer and ensure that it is properly credited.  You can attach a photo of your check. 

Please copy alumni@auca.kg if you made a donation to Alumni Fund.


Thank you very much for your donations!

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