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Светлана Пучина

Европоведение '11

The Senior Thesis “Greek Crisis 2010 the Collapse of the European Monetary Union” written by Puchina Svetlana ,BA in European Studies in year 2011, was published by LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co., Germany

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Джамиля Кызаева

Европоведение '11

Institution/Organization: "Kokkia Coal" LLC - coal mining company position: Assistant of Director General and Project manager

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Наталья Игошина

Европоведение '11

BA in European Studies 2011, MA in International relations, OSCE Academy, 2012

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Айганым Байбакпаева

Европоведение '10

I always say that I was not the best student of the ES department, but this fact of my life has not hampered my intention to make a Master degree namely in European Studies. I entered to the ES program in 2006, and we have been the fist promotion of the department. At that time I barely understood what the European Union is, and moreover I didn’t have any idea that it’s possible to study and research this subject. But through the years of my study at the department, I have realized that the European Studies is whole world that I would like to discover. Subsequently, in 2011 I was accepted to the L'Institut Européen- European Institute in France, Master in Advanced European and International Studies. Where I had a unique opportunity to study in Istanbul, Nice and Berlin. And today without any doubt I can state that I don’t regret , that 6 years ago I chose the way of being the student of the ES department. Moreover I have decided to continue with my study, and now I am Master student of the Riga Graduate School of Law in Latvia, International Public Law and Human Rights, it’s the second my Master degree, as at AUCA I acquired the minor in Law. The knowledge of the ES department and the way of operation, the aims and goals of the program developed my professional background in preparation for a position to be a good specialist in the sphere of the international organizations, European Union institutions and their cooperation with Central Asian region. And I am convinced that the ES program has provided education that strongly enriched my knowledge about the modern Europe and its politics. Thank you to ES department and to AUCA for my first steps in knowledge of the European Union.

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Регина Молчанова

Европоведение '10

As I was applying for AUCA in 2006, European Studies Program was my first and only choice of a major program. Public International Law was chosen as a minor Program in the course of the studies. Today I can say that this was a correct path to choose as it has opened a big variety of opportunities for me. European Studies is a unique Study Program as it encompasses political studies, history, culture and linguistics, and all these spheresareconcentrated on the important political and economic world player - European Union. Discovering European Union in Central Asia was of great academic interest for me. I am very thankful to the highly-qualified teaching staff of the ES Program that made us discover the European Union both from the Central Asian point of view and the European one that has been taught by the experienced foreign and local experts. Another advantageous peculiarity of the Program I consider to be the opportunity it gives to learn the second European language that I believe is impartial for a career in an international environment no matter where it might evolve. Being enrolled in the European Studies’ Department at AUCA I had a wonderful opportunity to experience a study program in the same study field at the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) during one semester in the framework of the HESP Mobility Program. The variety of courses, German and French language skills, study trips, guest lectures and extracurricular activities, such as participation in the French Club and being a reporter at the “STAR” newspaper – thanks to all these I successfully accomplished my Bachelor Studies with a Summa Cum Laude Diploma and pursued my studies at the Graduate Program in Germany. In July 2012 I have obtained my Master’s Degree from the University of Applied Sciences – Fulda, Germany in “Intercultural Communication and European Studies” as a DAAD/OSI Scholar. During my graduate studies I have undertaken an empirical research in Kyrgyzstan in the field of EU’s development cooperation with Central Asia. Having gained much theoretical knowledge on the functioning of the EU machinery at AUCA, it was marvelous to see the important EU institutions’ work in practice during the graduate study trips to Strasbourg and Brussels. I was able to get a practical work experience at the level of an International Organization during my internship and later on working as a consultant at UNICEF Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. I would like to emphasize that critical thinking and writing skills taught by the ES instructors and professorswere essential during my co-work on the UNICEF-UNESCOglobal project on analysis and mapping of integration of disaster risk reduction in education curricula worldwide. Some of my work has contributed to the publication of a report by UNICEF “Disaster Risk Reduction in School Curricula: Case Studies from Thirty Countries” in July 2012. () I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the European Studies Department, to its Faculty and Staff for the academic knowledge they transmitted to me, for their professional advising, personal support and motivation to keep moving forward. Finally I am thankful for a friendly and nice ambiance that was always present at the Department during these wonderful years at AUCA!

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