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Tuition Payment

Tuition payments of part-time status students, visiting program students, payments for individual classes of music, other individual classes, and extra credits are established by an official AUCA order for each academic year and must be paid prior to registration for courses. Please find detailed information below:

  • Full-time students are students who have registered for between 24 and 33 credits in a given term.
  • Part-time students are students who are registered for fewer than 24 credits in a given term. The student pays per each credit hour.
  • Visiting students

Visiting students pay per each credit hour.

  • Individual classes of music

There is a separate fee that must be paid for individual classes of music such as piano, komuz, singing, etc. The fee is paid in addition to the student’s regular tuition.

  • Individual classes

Due to different reasons a students may take an individual class (other than music classes) upon agreement with an instructor. The fee is paid in addition to regular tuition of the student and is paid per each extra credit taken per semester.


The policy of Tuition Payment

General Provisions

  1. This Policy is a general instruction for tuition payment at the American University of Central Asia.
  2. For the purpose of financial accounting, terms of the academic year are classified as follows: Fall Term, Spring Term.
  3. A student registers for courses in order to obtain training services.
  4. Registration is performed two times per year (one time in each term). Dates of registration are specified in the academic calendar of the University.
  5. The tuition is not subject to adjustment or reimbursement in case of, including but not limited to: Dismissal/Academic Leave (regardless of the reason), exercise of the right to apply different forms of education, use of the other rights of the University.

Final Provisions

  1. Matters not regulated by this Policy are settled in accordance with the current legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and other by-laws of the University.
  2. The introduction of the alterations and amendments in this Policy is executed as required.
  3. Provisions of this Policy annul all the previously accepted provisions.
  4. The Policy comes into force from the moment of its signing.



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