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New technologies open up a completely new set of approaches and solutions for democratic governance. One of the fundamental tasks, that new technologies can help us to solve, is an increase in government accountability to its citizens.  With the concept of Smart City, especially in the developing world, the two fundamental questions to the concept rise – Smart for whom? The city for whom? The overall idea of technology use for better governance should be based on the principle of co-creation, with the active participation of all stakeholders in the city. But the first challenge one faces is how to develop a holistic understanding of the city pattern, how to assess the decisions made by the city managers, and how to build a constructive dialogue of the city residents, business, and government of the city. Together with Soros Foundation SILK is exploring the possibilities of implementing city governance projects in Bishkek city.

Host Organization:  Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan

Current Status as of February 2022:   In progress, Funded by Soros

Project Leads and contacts: Seth Fearey,, Emil Nasritdinov,


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