1. Definition of awards: the term 'scholarship' refers to externally funded awards, while 'financial aid' refers to awards funded from the AUCA oрerating funds.

 2. Award recipients must follow the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct as well as with Academic Policies and Procedures. Any violation may result in the termination of the scholarship or financial aid award.

 3. Financial aid or scholarship awards will not be renewed if a student has any outstanding payment owed to the University. Therefore, students must pay promptly all outstanding fees and expenses. First time appplicants for awards who are not currently enrolled at AUCA must not have any outstanding balance.

 4. Should the number of qualified applicants exceed the number of available scholarships then some applicants, who are in less need of financial aid,  will not receive scholarship.

 5. The US dollar exchange rate used for financial calculations is set by the Financial Aid Committee based on official exchange rate of National Bank of KR.

 6. Scholarships are awarded based on the data submitted by applicant. The Financial Aid Office has the right to perform an in depth check on the accuracy of the information supplied. AUCA reserves the right to re-check an applicant’s right to scholarship at anytime. Random audit visits may be made to an applicant’s home, parent’s home or the parent’s place of employment. Any student discovered to have falsified information will have their scholarship canceled. AUCA also reserves the right to request additional supporting documentation as necessary.

 7. The following subjective factors may influence the need-based evaluation:
 -Possession of an expensive vehicle and real estate 
 -Additional information about a student’s or family’s income from other validated sources

 8. If a student who is awarded an internal scholarship takes an academic leave for an entire academic year, the scholarship is withdrawn and the student must reapply for financial aid the following academic year.

 9. If a student who is awarded an internal scholarship takes an academic leave for one semester, half the scholarship is retained and the other half is withdrawn.


General Conditions 

Financial aid awards are  prvided onlyto full time undegraduate students and full time Preparatory Program students with Kyrgyz and CIS citizenship. Awards for undergraduate students are provided for no more than eight semesters, for Preparatory Program students for no more than two semesters.

 First time applicants for scholarship and financial aid awards must complete an application form available at http:/ or pick up form from the SFA office. The application form plus accompanying supporting documentation (see page 9-10 of the application form) must be submitted to the Scholarship and Financial Aid Office by the application deadline shown in the front page of the form. Application forms (and essays) can be sent to the office by e-mail (

Undergarduate scholarships and financial aid awards are need or merit based. Students should fully understand the criteria for each type of scholarship. Preparatory Program students may apply only for need-based awards. Students should fully understand the criteria for each type of award.

The Scholarship and Financial Aid Office, in accordance with the “Financial Aid Procedures” and the “Financial Aid Regulations” reviews the application documents, conducts applicant interviews, may make an audit visit to the applicant’s home, determines the suitability of the applicant against the Scholarship selection criteria, and calculates the amount of the award.

All information pertaining to an application is kept confidential by the Scholarship and Financial Aid Office and forms part of the student’s file and is retained by the University.

The Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee approves the financial aid strategy, reviews the distribution of funds, conducts financial audits of 5 to 10% of all awards, and reviews exceptional cases and appeals.


Existing students already receiving scholarship need to submit annually an affidavit confirming that their or their family’s financial situation has not changed significantly to warrant a reassessment. This affidavit must be provided by the appropriate deadline for submitting documents.


If the financial status of a scholarship student changes significantly (at least 20%) the Scholarship and Financial Aid Office must be advised and the student must re-apply for scholarship and provide the necessary supporting documentation.


Academic leave (undergraduate students only)


If a student who is awarded an internal AUCA award takes academic leave for an entire academic year, the award will be withdrawn and the student must reapply for aid in the following academic year.  If a student returns to study for the fall semester, the deadline for submission of the financial aid application is the same as for first time freshmen (usually early July).  If a student returns for the spring semester after one year of academic leave he/she can only apply for financial aid the following academic year.

If a student who is awarded an internal AUCA award takes academic leave for one semester, half of the award for the given academic year is retained and the student continues to receive the aid upon return.

Merit based awards are maintained by students after academic leave.

Internal transfers (undegraduate students only)

For AUCA internal transfers, the first semester of enrollment at AUCA is counted as the starting point for consideration for an award.  Due to the competitiveness of the Business Administration (BA) Department, financial aid awards will not be retained if a student transfers to Business Administration or other departments where competition is high. We recommand you to check with SFA Office on your scholarship before transferring to another Department.

Financial Aid Appeals

Students have the right to appeal the decision of the Scholarship and Financial Aid Office.

The deadline for the submission of appeals is May 15.

The Financial Aid Committee’s decision to adjust any scholarship amount will be confirmed by the signatures of at least three Committee members.

Students will be informed about the decisions of Committee within ten working days via e-mail.

Students may only appeal once.

The consideration of appeals ends on May 31.


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