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READ Book Club



       "Not a day without a book"

 Schedule: Thursday, room 350., 17:00-18:00 ( agree time with group)

Decription of club and methods of reading

The book club is an open group for all students and for everyone who wants to develop and self-actualize in life. The club will help you find your path and know yourself, and also find secrets to career success. During the academic year there will be a meeting of guests from different fields, you will be notified in advance before the meeting.

What the club will give you:

 1. Become a member of ‘READ’ Book Club
 2. A cozy atmosphere
 3. Tea, coffee and cookies
 4. Discussion of books
 5. Meeting guests 
 6. Personal growth (self-knowledge)
 7. Love to read books
 8. Self-development
 9. Issuing notebooks for notes (for active reading)
10. Issuance of a CERTIFICATE at the end of the academic year

Club Rules:

1. Meetings -2 times a month. (Room 350,at 17:00);

2. Each week, ‘READ’ Book Club members can offer their “TOP 1” book and write why he/she chose this book.

3. Online voting will take place during the same week.

4. Return the book one month after reading.

Unscheduled meetings outside the university:

1.Go to read books in the orphanage for children.

2. Club meeting in Almaty with a Book Club (Date will be confirmed);

3. Invite a guest or to go on a visit (for example “Ololohouse”);

4. ........

Reading method and How to remember what you read:

1. Before reading, read reviews about the book;

2. Read at least 2 hours a day (not a day without a book);

3. While reading, read with a notebook (read smartly);

4. Each participant can write 20 new words from the book;

5. Take notes;

6. Ask questions (why and how);

7. Associate a book with life situations;

8. Mix books (read other books besides the given, alternate);

9. Make a list of the best quotes;

10. At the end, you can write 5-6 sentences (review, quotes, recommends to friends);


BOOK CLUB,2021-2022


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