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2000. La chasse au vol en Asie centrale: savoirs et pratiques. Paris: INALCO-EHESS, 487 p.


2010. Pastoréalismes: anthropologie historique des processus d’intégration chez les Kirghiz du Tian Shan. Wiesbaden, Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag, 2010, 281 p.,


Edited volumes
2012. Local History as an Identity Discipline. Special issue of Central Asian Survey 31/3. With Ildiko Beller-Hann.
2003. Les montagnards d’Asie centrale. Tachkent; Aix-en-Provence: Edisud, 352 p. (Cahiers d’Asie centrale 11-12).
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Chapters in Books
2013. Performance and Poetics in Kyrgyz Memorial Feasts: the Discursive Construction of Identity Categories. In Sartori P. (Ed.), Explorations in the Social History of Modern (19th – early 20th century). Leiden: Brill, pp.181-206.
2013. From Herd Breeding to Land Farming: Social Uses of Descent and Kinship in a Kyrgyz Village. In Akçali P., Engin-Demir C. (Eds), Politics, Identity and Education in Central Asia: Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan. London and New York: Routledge, pp. 98-117.
2010. Power Play among the Kyrgyz: State versus Descent. In Charleux I. and als. (Eds), Representing Power in Modern Inner Asia: conventions, alternatives and oppositions. Western Washington University (Bellingham): Centre for East Asian Studies, pp. 221-244.
2005. Kakie zhe vse taki dostoinstva kumisa In Japarov A. (Ed.), Nasledie material’noj i duhovnoj kul’tury Kyrgyzstana. Bishkek: Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences; UNESCO, pp. 77-86.
2000. L’uomo e i volatili: una silhouette nella steppa. In Ligabue G., Popescu G. (Eds), I cavalieri delle steppe: memoria delle terre del Kazakhstan. Milano: Electa, pp. 298 – 304.


Journal Articles

  • In peer-reviewed journals

2012. The Time of Dishonour: Land and Murder under Colonial Rule in the Tian Shan. Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, 55/4-5, pp. 664-687.
2012 Introduction: Local History as an Identity Discipline. With Ildiko Beller-Hann. Central Asian Survey, 31/3, 239-249.
2012 From Clan Narratives to Clan Politics. Central Asian Survey, 31/3, pp. 277-292.
2010. Reforming Pastoral Land Use: from Clan and Custom to Self-government and Tradition. Central Asian Survey 29/1, pp. 103-118.

  • Journals with editing committees

2008. The Sore Zones of Identity: Past and Present Debates on Funerals in Kyrgyzstan. Inner Asia 10, pp. 281-303.
2007. Le cheval dans le rituel funéraire kïrgïz: variations sur le thème du sacrifice. Journal asiatique 295 (2), pp. 383-414.
2004. With B. Petric, J.-F. Gossiaux, A. Bourgeot. L’émergence de nouveaux pouvoirs locaux sur les cendres d’un kolkhoz kirghiz. Cahiers d’Asie centrale 13-14, pp. 21-44.
2004. With R. Chaix, F. Austerlitz, T. Khegay, M. F. Hammer, E. Heyer, L. Quintana-Murci, “The Genetic or Mythical Ancestry of Descent Groups: Lessons from the Y-chromosome”, The American Journal of Human Genetics 75, pp. 1113-1116.
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2003. Avant – propos. In: Les montagnards d’Asie centrale. Tachkent ; Aix-en-Provence : Edisud, 2003, pp. 9-14.
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2002. With O. Mansurov. Bibliographie karakalpake: addenda à la Bibliography of Central Asia de Yuri Bregel. Cahiers d’Asie centrale 10; pp. 249 – 267.
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1996. Les récipients en peau chez les Türk d’Asie Centrale. Turcica XXVIII, pp. 53 - 104.
1996. La chasse au vol: une approche ethnolinguistique. La Lettre d’Asie centrale N°5, pp. 16-18.

  • Others

2006. Peuples d’Asie: nomades et sédentaire. In: Le Guide du musée de Quai Branly, pp. 144-146.
2005. With A. Japarov. Domestic Animals in Social Relations among the Kyrgyz. In Russian. Journal of the Central Asian Centre for Conflict Prevention 1-2, pp. 67-81.


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2008. Radnitz Scott, “Networks, Localism and Mobilization in Aksy, Kyrgyzstan,” Central Asian Survey 24/4 (2005): 405-24, in: Central Eurasian Reader 2008.1.


Internal Reports
2004. Local History: Clan Rivalries and Political Figures in Togolok Moldo since the Creation of the Kolkhoz until its End (in French). 5 p., (ACI 501869, CNRS)
2002. Herding and Agriculture in the village of Togolok Moldo, Naryn district, Kyrgyzstan (in French). 6 p., (ACI 501869, CNRS)
2002. Mountain Resources and Local Administration (in French). 3 p., (ACI 501869, CNRS).

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