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Selection Criteria and Funding Priorities

  • Current Academic Standing: A student's cumulative GPA from the most recently completed semester must be submitted, and is a factor in awarding grants. Please do not forget to attach your unofficial transcript as a pdf file in the application form. An 'F' grade in any semester is one of the main reasons for rejection of grant proposals.

Other Criteria: SILC takes into consideration the following for all submissions:

  • Diversity in project range (conference and summer school participation, research trips).
  • Active student contribution (for example, presentations at conferences, workshops, seminars)
  • Intellectual merit and outcome of the proposed project (direct relation to academic studies and research; benefit for other students and the AUCA community at large)
  • Intellectual/academic rigor of event: many proposed events seemed fun social events rather than intellectually and academically valuable events (we checked lots of conference websites and their programs). With a stretch and with some imagination, these could qualify as “cultural exchange programs” (see “Student Intellectual Life Committee” section), but we need to stress the idea and significance of “intellectual” in the name SILC, especially when investing funds into travel abroad
  • The range of Geographical Area.
  • Strength and quality of the application (adherence to application guidelines, complete applications, submission of all required documents, clearly stated goals). A lot of applications are carelessly and sloppily written.
  • Strong Statement of Purpose: you should indicate that how this program will contribute to your studies and in return how you can benefit this knowledge and experiences to the AUCA community.
  • A good Reference Letter from a faculty about the applicant. This reference letter should address the specific project regarding which the applicant is seeking support, and shall have been written during the current academic year. 
  • Filling out of the application form. Please keep in your mind that there should not be any misrepresentation of cost, date and other information. You should take it seriously and fulfill the application form carefully.
  • Cost-Share - it is preferred that students be able to provide some of their funding and that SILC provides partial funding.


  • Only AUCA degree students may apply.
  • First-year students in their first semester and Seniors in their last semester of study are NOT eligible for SILC funds.
  • Students must NOT miss more than one week of classes maximum during their SILC funded programs (except exchange programs).
  • SILC prefer funding exchange program applications which are in their junior year, once their academic track record is more established. Bard Exchange Programs will not be covered by the SILC. 
  • SILC grants cannot be used for TOEFL and GRE test fees and for graduate school application fees and related expenses. While these are expensive and required expenses that many of our students have to come up with, they only benefit an individual student after graduation from AUCA.
  • Athletic events do not qualify as SILC-funded projects.
  • Plagiarized applications will not be considered.
  • SILC does not grant Student clubs. Clubs have access to other sources of funding within AUCA.


  • Priority is given to students who are active contributors at conferences and other events.
  • Priority is given to research projects.
  • Priority is given to first-time applicants to SILC
  • SILC gives full and partial funding.
  • SILC grants cannot be awarded retroactively.


  • Submissions are due by the 15th of each month and must be submitted, with all supplemental forms, through the online application. Submissions received by email will not be considered. Any documents submission after the deadline (15th of each month) will not be accepted. 


  • May 15, is the last round of the SILC application in each academic year. SILC does not review any applications in June-July, and August. 


  • Final report/financial documentation is due no later than 30 days after the event/the completion of the project. Students should provide one-two pages report and be ready to present their experiences in the AUCA.


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