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Purpose: AUCA Summer School is a supporting academic term that offers students significant additional training and opportunities to earn credits required for successful graduation and self-development.


Eligibility: Full –time and part-time AUCA faculty members are eligible to teach during the summer semester. Professors who are not affiliated with AUCA may be invited to teach in the Summer School on a part-time basis. Summer instructors can teach a maximum of 3 courses. Syllabi for new courses must meet AUCA standards.

Full-time and part-time AUCA students, AUCA alumni, Consortium Exchange Program students, and students from other universities are eligible to take Summer School classes. Other individuals who have received university education are eligible to take summer courses on a part-time basis. High school students are not eligible to study at AUCA Summer School.


Duration: AUCA Summer School 2023 begins on June 1, 2023, and ends on July 31, 2023. The academic calendar for the summer semester includes the information about the duration of the summer term, the working hours of the library and computer labs, and important dates. The Summer School administration will prepare the academic calendar along with the class schedule and distribute it on campus prior to registration.


Format: AUCA Summer School uses standard academic methods, adapted to the intensive format of the summer session. However, alternative programs will likely be introduced in the future. These could include off-campus summer training, off-campus seminars, off-campus master-classes, and fieldwork.  The duration of these alternative programs might exceed the duration of the AUCA Summer School indicated above.


Course load: AUCA Summer School students may take courses for credits only; they may not take audit courses. Course load is 18 credits. 


Grading: The Summer School uses AUCA standard grading system. Summer School grades will be recorded in the transcripts of full- or part-time AUCA students. Other students will have the status of part-time students and transcripts will be available.

Students who receive the grade of “I” (incomplete) must complete all course requirements within the first six weeks of the subsequent fall semester. Failure to do so will automatically result in a grade of “F”.  

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