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  • Project Building Enabling Environment to Develop Effective Migration Policies in KR: Promoting Capacity of Migration State Bodies and Enhancing Migration Studies in KR

Donor: Open Society Foundation

Duration: Stage III. January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2016

Goal: The Project aims at assisting in building enabling environment to develop effective migration policy in the country through support of KR government and other stakeholders in formulating effective external labor migration policies and through promotion of migration studies in the country.

Short Description: The Project Team will undertake practical cutting-edge research specifically targeted at the situation in labor market of Russia and spheres of employment of labor migrants from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, working in Russian Federation, including developing profile of Kyrgyz and Tajik labor migrants. TSPC will also produce mapping of labor migration experts that will equip TSPC’s partners and other stakeholders with the pool of experts for their needs. The Project Team will develop an introductory interdisciplinary course in migration studies and introduce at the existing Programs of AUCA.



  • Project Protecting the Rights of Kyrgyz and other Central Asian Migrants: Utilizing policy analysis, building capacity, and facilitating policy reforms

Donor:   Open Society Foundation 

Duration: Stage II. November 1, 2013 – October 31, 2014

Goal: Enhanced migration policy framework targeted at effective protection of Kyrgyz labor migrants’ rights based on strengthened capacity of the relevant Government bodies and civil society organizations to initiate and develop coherent policies on migration using participatory approaches. 

Short Description: The TSPC Project aims to assist in targeted capacity development of migration state bodies and bring its expertise and experience into formulation of the effective migration policy document. Assuming that better protection of Kyrgyz labor migrants’ rights could be achieved through a series of comprehensive and coordinated activities, the project will operate in the following spheres: (1) capacity building of government officials and relevant stakeholders in developing effective migration policy in Kyrgyzstan; (2) policy analysis with the focus on the impact of entering the Customs Union on migration processes in Kyrgyzstan; and (3) development of a labor migration strategy with a focus on labor migrants’ rights protection.



  • Project Environmental degradation and migration: stimulation of policy debate and raising awareness of people in Kyrgyzstan


Donor: UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office, GIZ Bishkek Office

Duration: July 10 - September 20, 2013

Goal: To improve understanding of impact of environmental degradation on migration of people in Kyrgyzstan and stimulate policy debate on measures to tackle migration due to environmental disasters in the country.
Short Description: The TSPC will conduct brief desk review of available research and information on climate change and migration, relevance for Kyrgyzstan, including the report prepared on the subject by UNESCO expert. The review will include recomendation for future research, policy and regional coordination on the topic. The research findings will be discussed on a roundtable that includes faculty, environmental and migration authorities, experts and students



  • Project Protecting the Rights of Kyrgyz and other Central Asian Migrants: Utilizing policy analysis, public outreach, and stakeholder dialogue to mobilize action toward reform


Donor: Central Eurasia Program, Open Society Foundations

Duration: Stage I. August 2012 - July 2013

Goal: To raise awareness and heighten the level of debate on the policy issues relevant to protecting Kyrgyz migrants and their families.
Short Description: The TSPC will conduct research and analysis, and disseminate findings of best practices and standards for consideration by policy-makers, international agencies, as well as NGOs in the Kyrgyz Republic. It will facilitate a more robust dialogue of reforms by convening stakeholder dialogue meetings. The TSPC anticipates that the Project can help strengthen the work of government, policy-makers, and NGOs. To increase the tools available to advocates, the TSPC will also be creating a web-based platform for a new migrant rights knowledge-management center. This platform will allow the Project to collect and disseminate Central Asian specific data to advocates and policy-makers on demographic and social protection needs, key issues, laws, policies, programs, negotiations, and other reform activities. It will also identify the groups working on migrant rights issues in the region to enhance networks and information sharing.


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