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Saniia Toktogazieva, Associate Professor

Human Rights concentration coordinator

Liberal Arts and Sciences Department

Division of Arts, Humanities and Communication


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Associate Professor

Law department

Division of Law


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Phone: +996 (312) 915000 ext. 475

Room: 215

  • International Human Rights Law (Bachelor, Law Division)
  • Democracy in Dark Times (Bachelor, Law Division/ICP)
  • Individual Student Research I, II (LLM, Law Division)
  • Constitutional Law of the KR (Bachelor, Law Division)
  • International Criminal law (Bachelor, Law Division)
  • Advanced Issues in Public International law (LLM, Law Division)
  • Central European University (CEU), Hungary-USA, 2020
    • SJD in Comparative Constitutional law,
  • Central European University (CEU), Hungary-USA
    • LLM in Human Rights, Legal Studies Department
  • American University of Central Asia (AUCA)
    • BA in International and Business law with Magna Cum Laude
  • The Hague Academy of International law July 2016
    • Summer school in Public International law session
  • University of Wisconsin-Superior, USA 2008-May 2009
    • Special Certificate of the Recipient of Global Undergraduate Exchange Fellowship, U.S. State Department of State (Global UGRAD, IREX)

Saniia Toktogazieva is an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Human Rights program at the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. Saniia teaches courses in Constitutional Law, International Criminal Law, Advanced Issues in Public vi International Law and human rights law. She holds an LL.B. in International and Business law from American University of Central Asia, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, an LL.M. in Human Rights from Central European University, Budapest, Hungary and S.J.D in Comparative Constitutional Law at the Central European University. Saniia was a fellow of Academic Fellowship Program (OSF) and a recipient of the research grant "Beyond the Ivory Tower" supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • Presenter, The second Melbourne Forum on Constitution Building in Asia and the Pacific “From big bang to incrementalism: choices and challenges in constitution building”, Manila, Philippines, October 2017
  • Member of the faculty, conducted lectures in Summer Seminar on Human Rights, Faculty of law, University of Zagreb, Croatia, June 2017
  • Participant, presenter IGLP Asian Regional Workshop, Institute of Global law and Policy, Harvard Law School, Bangkok Thailand, January 2017
  • Participant, Annual conference of the Estonian Institute of Human Rights, “Black and White values in a polarizing world” Tallinn, Estonia December 2016
  • Participant, Summer School in International Public law, Hague Academy of International law, July 2016
  • Participant, Model United Nations on “Keep space for peace”, COPUOS, Peace Palace, Hague Netherlands, July 2016
  • Presenter, International Conference “Place and Role of the constitutional control institution in effective performance of the system of checks and balances between the branches of the state power” organized by the Constitutional Chamber of the Kyrgyz Republic, June 2016, Issykkul Kyrgyzstan
  • Presenter, “Rethinking the human rights Conon” Bard HESP network, Bard College-Annandale-on-Hudson, February 2016
  • Presenter, Interdisciplinary conference “How to be authoritarian”, organized by Center for Civic Engagement Bard, Bard Hal, New York, February 2016
  • Panelist, public lecture on “Democracy and Human Rights in Kyrgyzstan: an International Perspective“ along with Baroness Stern and Professor Coyle, AUCA, March 2016
  • Panelist on public lecture/discussion on “Results on Parliamentary Elections in KR”, October 2015, Central European University
  • Presenter at the Andrew Gagarin Center for Human Rights Annual Retreat "Human Rights in Comparative Perspective" Berlin, Germany, April 2015.
  • Participant, and grant project presenter, workshop on “Research Beyond the Ivory Tower”, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Oslo, Norway, January 2015
  • AFP/ HESP workshop “Producing Quality Research for Publication & EffectiveContribution to Public Policy Debate: Accessing Free On-Line Resources, Research& Writing Strategy, Effective Submission to International Scholarly Journals” Istanbul, December, 2014
  • Annual Conference of the Estonian Institute of Human Rights on “Dignity in the concept of Human Rights”, Tallinn, Estonia, December 2014
  • Think tank seminar “Baltic Sea Regional Security: the new outlook” Estonian Foreign Policy Institute, December 2015, Tallin, Estonia
  • Participant, and grant project presenter, workshop on “Research Beyond the Ivory Tower”, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Oslo, Norway, January 2015
  • International Conference on "Execution of decisions of constitutional court is a basis for the stability and the rule of law”, May, 2014, Bishkek. Kyrgyzstan
  • Co-organizer, Interdisciplinary roundtable “Human rights after conflicts: judging, ruling and living after Osh 2010” April 2014, American University of Central Asia
  • Participant, and grant project presenter, workshop on “Research Beyond the Ivory Tower” Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Oslo, Norway, January 2014
  • Participant, 21st annual “The Individual vs The State Conference on Liberty in the Protective State. Theories and Practices of State Obligations to Secure Civil and Political Rights,” Legal Studies Department, Central European University, October 2013; Budapest, Hungary
  • 9th Marek Nowicki Memorial Lecture on “Tackling Race Discrimination Effectively" by Lord Anthony Lester, November 2013, CEU, Budapest, Hungary
  • Participant, presenter of the AUCA Human Rights Profile, International workshop on human rights education, (ECLA Bard) Berlin/Germany, March 2013
  • Participant and presenter, Academic Fellowship program Law discipline group meeting, (HESP/OSI), Bishkek/ Kyrgyzstan, April 2013
  • International seminar on “Human Rights. Freedom of religion or belief. The development of skills”, Oslo Coalition on freedom of religion or belief, October 2012, Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University
  • Participant, Academic Fellowship program discipline group meeting, (HESP/OSI), Istanbul/Turkey, November 2012
  • International Humanitarian law forum on “20th anniversary of the ratification of Geneva Conventions and additional protocols by the Kyrgyz Republic”, International Red Cross Committee, September 2012, Bishkek


Appearances in Mass Media and interviews

Research Grants/ Fellowships:

  • Recipient of the travel grant supported by Institute of Global Law and Policy at Harvard Law School to participate at the IGLP Asian regional workshop in Thailand, January 2017
  • Recipient of The Hague Academy Summer School scholarship grant, July 2016
  • Research grant “Beyond the Ivory Tower”, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jan. 2013- Jan. 2014
  • Modular Doctoral CEU full fellowship Grant, International Higher Education Support Program, Open Society Institute and Central European University Aug. 2013- present
  • Returning scholar, Academic Fellowship Program, Open Society Foundations Aug. 2012- June 2015
  • OSI Masters Full Fellowship scholarship to pursue LLM studies in Human Rights, Central European University, August 2011-June 2012
  • Recipient of Global Undergraduate Exchange Fellowship, U.S. Department of State, University of Wisconsin Superior , Aug. 2008- May 2009
  • The constitutional law of the KR
  • Comparative Constitutional law
  • International Human Rights law
  • Public International law
  • International Criminal law
  • Constitutionalism and democratization
  • Constitutions without Constitutionalism? Challenges to Constitutionalism in the Kyrgyz Republic, 5.2. Constitutional Review (2019), pp. 275-293.
  • Fair trial standards and legitimacy of criminal justice actors in Kyrgyzstan – a research note, International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice, co-authored, (2019).
  • The Global State of Democracy: Addressing the Ills, reviving the promise, International Idea, report, background author on sub regional case studies (Central Asia), (2019).
  • Basics of Law: Selected Issues, American University of Central Asia Law, contributed to two book chapters, (Bishkek 2019).
  • Socio-economic origins of constitutional courts: political economy and politico-historical context as the defining factor of the establishment of constitutional courts in Central Asia, Constitutional Review (forthcoming June 2020).
  • The Law and Politics of Keeping a Constitutional Order: Kyrgyzstan’s CautionaryStory, Hague Journal on the Rule of Law, co-authored, 7/2 (2015).
  • За пределами контрмажоритарной дилеммы: конституционный контроль как гарантия стабильности и постоянства конституции, Beyond counter-majoritarian difficulty: constitutional review as a guarantee of constitutional stability. Special issue of the International Conference Organized by the Constitutional Chamber of the KR, (2018).
  • Free legal aid in the Kyrgyz Republic - legal framework, policies and practices in rendering legal assistance for vulnerable groups, co-authored, (2017)
  • Country Assessment for the Kyrgyz Republic: Fair Trial Standards and Meaning in Local Context, USAID Project, 2017
  • Melbourne Forum Interim Report: Moving between a parliamentary and a presidential system, Kyrgyzstan, 2017 forum-2017/interim-report#moving-between-a-parliamentary-and-a-presidential-system
  • «Закон и политика сохранения конституционного порядка: предостерегающая история Кыргызстана» Гаагский журнал о верховенстве права, декабрь 2015 г., том 7, выпуск 2, стр. 263-282
  • Пособие о верховенстве права в Кыргызстане, предстоящая публикация
  • «Бесплатная юридическая помощь в Кыргызской Республике - правовая основа, политика и практика оказания юридической помощи уязвимым группам», предстоящая публикация
  • “Оценка страны для Кыргызской Республики: Справедливые Судебные Стандарты и их значение в местном контексте” Август 2017
  • Member of the AUCA Faculty Senate
  • Alumni of the Academic Fellowship program, Open Society Foundation
  • Alumni of the Global UGRAD program, US Department of State
  • Alumni of the Hague Academy of International law
  • Alumni of the Central European University


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