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    Grants have been playing a remarkable role in helping AUCA achieve its mission and goals throughout years. Access to higher educational opportunities for the young generation is one of the highest priorities for capacity building and empowering of youth from Central Asia. Thanks to the generous support of local and international donors, talented students from low-income families and rural areas have an excellent opportunity to study at an international university with multi-disciplinary learning community in the American liberal arts tradition. Scholarship grants make an important contribution to self-development, socio-economic self-reliance, and capacity-building of AUCA students from Central Asia and beyond.

   Other grants provide students with one-off opportunities to participate in exchange programs, conferences, and research projects. Such activities greatly benefit our students in applying theoretical knowledge onto practice, acquiring new knowledge and skills, and building international networks.

   Numerous donors have been supporting research initiatives of AUCA’s research centers and professors. Research centers actively attract grants for their academic and social projects in various spheres, including interdepartmental research, migration and social protection, sustainable development and environment, human rights, and democratic governance. In addition, AUCA professors constantly apply to grants to support research activities, participation in scientific conferences, development of teaching materials, and publishing of research papers.

   AUCA is constantly working on strengthening relations with long-term partners and looking for new local and international donors who are ready to invest in education sphere, construction projects, research, equipment, library resources, exchange programs and other activities that will not only affect university’s sustainable development, but also contribute to future growth and reconstruction of Central Asian region and the international community on the whole.



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