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Previously, I received a scholarship, but because of low GPA my scholarship was withdrawn.  Can I regain my lost scholarship?

Yes, you may re-apply for a need-based scholarship if you increase your cumulative GPA to at least 2.7. In this case, you may apply for the scholarship for the next academic year following the general application procedures.

Can students who are already receiving scholarships increase the current amount of their award?

If  student's financial situation has deteriorated  by 20% or more and if the student is able to prove it by supporting documents, the financial aid can be recommended for re-calculation.

How can I maintain my scholarship?

In order to continue receiving your scholarship, you have to meet the following conditions:

-Мaintain a GPA of not less than 2.7 for students receiving need-based scholarships and 3.2 for students receiving merit-based scholarships.

-Do not have any outstanding balances owed to the University.

-To be enrolled as a full-time student.

-Submit an affidavit of continuation of scholarship each year. The affidavit is for students receiving need-based scholarship to confirm that their or their family’s financial situation has not changed significantly to warrant a reassessment. If the financial status changes significantly (at least by 20%) the Scholarship and Financial Aid Office must be advised accordingly and the student must re-apply for a scholarship and provide the necessary supporting documentation.

-Demonstrate extracurricular leadership and service

How long will it take for applications for financial aid to be reviewed?

Applications for financial aid received from prospective students during the spring cohort of admissions exams are reviewed after their exams results are posted. Based on he assessment of the financial status of the student, the Scholarship and Financial Aid Office can calculate the preliminary scholarship amount. The final scholarship amounts can be provided in August-September, after the summer admission campaign is over and the scholarship budget is finalized. The results of scholarship awards of admitted students during the summer admission campaign will be also known in August-September.

Applications for Financial Aid from current students are reviewed, taking into account GPAs for fall and spring semesters. The Financial Aid Office will provide the results of scholarship awards in August-September after GPA results are ready and summer admission campaign and final scholarship budgeting is completed.  

It is difficult to gather some of the supporting documentation for financial aid application [for example, document from GAI (Traffic Police), Gosregister (State Real Estate Registration Agency)] and we are not able to provide with all required documents in time. What can we do in this case? 

In this case, you can submit a complete financial aid application, essay and any and all of the supporting documentation that you have received already. The remaining documentation can be submitted up to 3 working days after the financial aid application deadline.

In my financial aid award letter I learn that my financial aid consists of grant aid and deffered payment. What is deffered payment?

Admits 2012 are awarded fin aid package which consists of two parts: grant aid and deffered payment. Deferred payment is funding student receives from university for the study period. Student is responsible to return this money back when he/she will graduate and start working. After graduation student will have 4 years to return deferred payment.


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