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English Learning

1. The best platforms to advance your English language skills.


British Council Learn English:  Learn English online using high-quality resources to quickly improve your English

BBC Learn English: a huge English learning resource from the BBC World Service Corporation. Amazing videos and podcasts.  A trusted resource for learning British English.


2. Blogs

Oxford University Press

The Linguist – Steve Kaufman:

  • Learn languages from what you're interested in.

A language learner has to be motivated. They have a vast library of real life articles, stories, interviews, radio shows, novels etc... from which you can choose whatever interests you. If you are interested in what you're reading, you will be motivated to understand it. If you are motivated to understand it, you will!

  • Dramatically increase your vocabulary.

To learn any language you must expose yourself to that language. Read and listen to as much content as you can. But you first have to understand it. This means dramatically increasing your vocabulary.


 3. Watch English movies.

By watching television and movies, you are not only listening to English (and translating it into your own language), you can also pick up on slang words and see how we truly communicate.

English movies with English subtitles:




4. Movies123. watch


1. Silicon Valley

2. Suits 

3. House of cards

4. Mad men

[Source: Lingiua Marina]


4. Write in English

Write down your plans, ideas, grocery and to-do lists in English.


1. YouTube channels to follow:

Lingua Marina:


2. English Learning Podcasts:

Deep English: If you’re ready to challenge yourself to talk in English about interesting topics, we can help you.

All Ears English: In their podcast they discuss current cultural topics and they show you idioms, phrases, and new vocabulary words that will help you connect in English. They also give you strategies for learning English and motivation and inspiration to keep going.

Luke’s English Podcast: There are over 550 audio episodes, transcripts, videos, a special series on phrasal verbs.


3. Using your Technological Devices

Change the language on your social media or smartphone. If you turn your Facebook, Twitter and smartphone settings to ‘English’ then you can continue to learn the language while you’re communicating with friends. [Source: UK College of English]


4. Read English news

The Times in Plain English: It is not affiliated with New York Times. All news are written in plain English.


5. Must have Apps: Free yourself from bad translation. Take advantage of using dictionaries instead of translators.

1. Dictionary - Merriam-Webster

2. Oxford dictionary of English

3. Collins English dictionary

4. Cambridge school dictionary


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