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Donor Scholarships 


1. Open Society Institute (OSI) Scholarships.Not applicable for students of Business Administration or Software Engineering Departments


These scholarships are awarded to Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) applicants admitted to AUCA with competitive entrance exam scores and who have a demonstrated financial need. The number of scholarships will be based on the pool of appllicants and the availability of funds. 

 Minimum eligibility for scholarships is based on demonstration of financial need and admission to AUCA.

 Full Scholasrhips

 Full scholaships ($500 of the tuition is to be paid by the student, housing allowance and stipend are provided). The number of full scholaships depends on the availability of funds.

 Scholarship eligibility review is performed annually before a new academic year. If a student's overall GPA falls to less than 3.0, the scholarship will be withdrawn without the possibility of renewal.

 Partial Scholarships

 Partial Scholarships ($2000 of tuition is to be paid by the student). The number of partial scholapships depends on the availability of funds.


A partial scholarship may include housing allowance and stipend, if the grant allows. Recipients of partial scholaships with housing allowance and stipend are selected on the basis of demonstrated financial need.


This award is automatically renewable as long as the student maintains an overall GPA of at least 2.7. If the student does not meet the minimum GPA, she will be given a probationary period of two semesters to meet the GPA requirement.


2. Scholarships from the U.S. - Central Asian Educational Foundation (CAEF)


Amount: 100%

 These scholarships are granted for eight semesters to first-year students of the Business Administration program and Economics program. This aid is provided to Central Asian students who have excelled at the entrance examinations and come from disadvantaged families. Applications should be made directly to CAEF. More information can be found on the CAEF website here: 


3. Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships 

These scholarships are administered directly by the donor organization. More information about the Aga-Khan Foundation Scholarships can be found here:


4. US Embassy scholarships for applicants from Tajikistan


The US Embassy awards scholarships (full tuition, housing allowance and stipend) for Tajik students for eight semesters at AUCA. Two full and one partial scholarships  for undergraduate study and 2 scholarships for preparatory program are offered.

Important notice for applicants from Tajikistan: to be considered for a U.S. Embassy scholarship, applicants from Tajikistan for both the Undergraduate and Preparatory programs should apply by April 21, 2019.


5. Zeenab Saleh Kassam Scholarship

American University of Central Asia (AUCA) is pleased to announce the establishment of the Zeenab Saleh Kassam Scholarship for a student interested in pursuing undergraduate degree in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development ( at AUCA from September 2019.

The Zeenab Saleh Kassam Scholarship is designed to provide the best and brightest female students resident in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan or Xinjiang (China) an opportunity to study. Other parts of Central Asia will be considered as well. Should such a female student not be admitted to AUCA, the family will consider a male student from the region.

The family of Zeenab Saleh Kassam offer a scholarship of $4000 per year for a student at AUCA, for four years, in her memory. Additional support of $1000 for appropriate clothing, learning and research supplies, and books will be provided to the student in the first year.  Total financial support for the student over the four years will be $17,000.

Who was Zeenab Saleh Kassam?

Zeenab was a nurse volunteering in Kabul, Afghanistan teaching English to Afghan medical professionals. On March 20th, 2014, three days before her 18-month volunteer commitment was concluded, she, along with eight other individuals (including children), was murdered by terrorists. By teaching both young women and men, Zeenab furthered their professional development. Learning a new language is not only about acquiring skills for better livelihood opportunities, it furthers human interaction and understanding. Zeenab was facilitating diverse individuals to be able to talk to each other and understand one another. This scholarship is a continued commitment by her family to the education of young people so that they can better themselves and effectively contribute to Central Asia. Having suffered the pain of this violence, the Saleh Kassam family firmly believes that peace can only be achieved through knowledge and understanding.

Why is this scholarship for Environmental Management and Sustainable Development Major?

Mountainous regions of Central Asia are characterized by biological and cultural diversity with a wealth of renewable and non-renewable resources. This strength is also met by challenges such as environmental degradation, food insecurity, dramatic climatic variation, poverty, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy systems, and seismic activity. Wise stewardship of the ecology of the region is the primary concern for the twenty-first. 

Moreover, should the scholarship recipient wish, advice, intellectual assistance, and moral support will be provided by Professor Karim-Aly Kassam and his international network of colleagues. This may include developing internship and applied research opportunities in addition to meeting the students own learning objectives in the field of Environmental Management and Sustainable Development. This may also involve planning for graduate studies.

Selection process:

After using a merit-based criterion, students who have been admitted, have a demonstrated financial need, and have met the criteria outlined above, AUCA will provide the family a list of three to four candidates and their background in May 2019 to enable selection of scholarship recipient, and in June 2018 if such candidate not to be selected within the first cohort, the second cohort applicants will be considered. 

The religious orientation and ethnic background of the student will have no consideration in the provision of the scholarship.

Application submission:

In addition to AUCA’s admission checklist (, an applicant must submit financial aid application to the Office of  Scholarships and Financial Aid ( by making a reference to Zeenab Saleh Kassam Scholarship in their applications. The deadline for submission of the admission and financial aid application is April 21th, 2019 (first cohort) and June 21nd, 2019 (second cohort).  

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further inquiries:

AUCA Scholarships and Financial Aid Office

7/6 A.Tokombaev str., AUCA New Campus, room G20

Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic 720060

Telephone: (996 312) 91-50-00(ext. 412/413)



All the above is dependant on donor funds being available.

*Please be aware that all the scholarships are granted for one year and will be extended only if the applicants meet all the requirements.

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